Mechdyne’s getReal3D for Unity enables users to easily create complex worlds in the familiar game engine and experience them in a virtual reality (VR) environment such as a CAVE and Head Mounted Display (HMD). This solution allows users to author custom business experiences specific to their organization’s needs.  

  • getReal3d provides an environment that supports development within a large VR display, allowing users to experience their VR content in a life-sized environment.
  • In combination with unity, getReal3D provides dynamic content with animation, physics, and high-quality visual effects.
  • It’s easy to install and configure getReal3D on multiple displays driven by a cluster of PCs.
  • The support for 3D stereo and motion tracking enables users to work within the VR environment for longer amounts of time, increasing productivity and decreasing motion sickness.
  • Users maintain their sense of self because users are present in the VR environment rather than simply observing the environment.

getReal3D for Unity allows users to present interactive architectural walk-throughs, explore manufacturing design reviews, conduct ergonomic assessments, and safely simulate repairs and maintenance.

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getReal3D for Unity

Benefits of getReal3D for Unity

Available Services

getReal3D training seminars after delivery

getReal3D demo contract (we'll help you write your showcase demo)

getReal3D-specific integration (custom enhancements)

getReal3D for Unity Supports:

Motion tracking support via trackd

Windows operating systems

Unity version 2019.2.11

“Large Scale VR” Capabilities

Multiple displays, tiled walls, multiple channels

Motion capture and tracking systems

Stereoscopic 3D



getReal3D for Unity in Mechdyne CAVE

How Mechdyne Clients Optimize Workflows

Experience Powerful and Immersive Workflows in VR

In a virtual reality environment, Mechdyne clients review and evaluate designs in any size. Our clients use flexible and configurable display systems that help customize the VR environment.

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Design reviews and product optimizations
  • Review and evaluate the look and operation of a product with movement on any scale.
Medical or military training and planning
  • Provide on-the-job training without risk to safety.
Architectural walk-throughs
  • Analyze the look and feel of architecture with real-time lighting and shadows.
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