Mechdyne CAVE VR Flex System

The Mechdyne CAVE
A VR World Unto Itself

Through the use of stereoscopic displays, computer graphics, and motion-tracking technology, the room-sized Mechdyne CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) provides a fully immersive VR experience without the disorientation that can arise from the extended use of head-mounted displays. Enabling one or more users to interact with their virtual models for extended amounts of time provides a host of advantages, including:

  • Fast analysis and interpretation of spatially related data via expanded periphery images, including the floor.
  • “Whole-brain” engagement using full-body VR immersion, for enhanced retention.
  • Intuitive work within realistic, life-size, or scale-appropriate data for research or design. Stand inside a molecule or collaboratively design a building or work cell.
  • The ability to view and collaborate with colleagues directly, using expressions, gestures, and more.

Providing a more natural and sustained experience than headset-enabled VR, the full-body spatial immersion provided by a CAVE (and, formally, CAVE2) maximizes opportunities for information discovery, speeding the path to insight and informed decision-making. And if you need incredible image clarity, viewing content in 8K resolution is made possible through 8K projectors or LED displays. Recognizing the value of both technologies, VR headsets can be connected to a CAVE for real-time collaboration sessions, whether in the same room, a different building, or a different country. These immersive systems can work together to support different use cases. 


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Shorten Design Cycles, Enable Discovery & Realize Potential with CAVE Virtual Reality

A CAVE VR space can quickly generate a return on investment. Full-body, spatial immersion deepens insight and speeds decision-making. By enabling more participants to collaborate for longer periods of time than smaller VR systems, it enables a more immersive experience and greater opportunities for information discovery. The impact translates into reduced prototyping costs, faster time to market, more in-depth and trustworthy research findings, and thus more confident decisions.

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CAVE Configurations Create a Custom VR Environment

The CAVE can be built in many different configurations to meet a wide variety of workflows and organizational needs. The video below demonstrates different layouts, but the possibilities are nearly endless. ** Note: the seams in the display systems are to highlight the configurations. Upon installation, these seams are nearly invisible. **

Mechdyne CAVE Features Scalable Size & Resolution with Changeable Configurations

CAVEs are typically thought of as cubes, but Mechdyne creates them in a wide range of shapes to enable experiences specific to diverse use cases. Workflow and application assessments lead to a recommendation for systems ranging from basic wall and floor (L-shape) configuration to curved walls which wrap content around users, to fully enclosed, six-sided spaces for an unparalleled immersive virtual reality experience.

  • Wall height and width can be scaled to support viewable data – for example, a double-wide front wall scaled to that of an aircraft. Screens can be put in portrait mode and tiled to create larger immersive displays.
  • Image resolution can be scaled to derive insight from specific data. Mechdyne built the world’s highest-resolution CAVE, with 100 million 3D pixels in a virtually seamless, six-sided configuration – over 100 times HD for unmatched detail. Our solution engineers have expertise with all display technologies. Now, tiling with direct-view LED panels brings entirely new possibilities.
  • CAVEs can be reconfigurable with moveable walls, changeable from an immersive room to an angled theater to a flat wall quickly and easily. Different configurations support specific data and audience needs for use cases, making the CAVE an even more valuable central hub for multidisciplinary teams.
  • Adding multiple display elements and innovative designs creates dynamic team collaboration spaces. We can automate moving walls and ceilings. We hold two patents related to reconfigurable immersive environments. We can make CAVEs portable, and have a patent on this, too. We love challenging requirements.
  • The Mechdyne CAVE has many applications, ranging from VR training to museums and entertainment facilities looking to deliver immersive visualizations.
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Webinar: Making Your Visualization Center an Academic Switzerland

Listen in as Frank Klassner, Professor at Villanova University, discusses how to enroll and engage multiple departments into using and getting value from a centralized visualization center. Frank’s innovation center features a custom, reconfigurable immersive CAVE that can support many different use cases.

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