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Our audio visual (AV) managed services team delivers proactive, data-driven, user-first support that provides our clients with turnkey solutions that oversee all functions related to audio visual end-user support. Organizations partner with Mechdyne to create satisfied users and a higher return on their technology investment. We focus on users that interact with and utilize the technology, technicians that provide friendly and effective technology services, and internal teams and management needing to understand their environment to make informed decisions.

Why do we focus on people first and technology second? So that you experience increased technology usage, boosted productivity, and more satisfied and confident users. As a result, you see an astounding return on investment in technology efficiencies and fewer incidents.

We’ve found that end-user satisfaction provides a greater return on AV investments. Happy users utilize and value meeting room assets, adopt new technologies and processes, and contribute positively to technology planning. Mechdyne provides end-users with predictable and reliable technology, fast incident resolution, superior client service, and technology training opportunities.

As a result, our clients see reduced downtime, increased usage, and confident users. Mechdyne’s Net Promotor Score (NPS) reflects our client’s satisfaction. We consistently average an NPS of 90+ while the industry averages an NPS of 66.

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A Partner That Delivers

Mechdyne’s AV Managed Service provides a turnkey solution that oversees all of the functions related to audio visual support. By removing this burden from our clients, we provide improved operations and cost reductions.

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AV Meeting Room Collaboration

Reduce Downtime

Increase Productivity & Reliability.

Are meetings delayed frequently because of technology issues? Do users avoid some rooms because of recurring issues? Is the organization seeing returns from technology investments? Are you upgrading and refreshing technology earlier than you had planned due to dissatisfied end-users?

Keep your technology working, so your employees can keep working. Partnering with a knowledgeable AV support team can:

  • Reduce up to 60% of issues with user training
  • Reduce recurring user issues up to 87% with personalized self-help content
  • Reduce reactive tickets by 50%, while increasing proactive tickets
  • Extend technology lifespans through regular maintenance
  • Increase technology usage by users

In-house service teams normally juggle multiple responsibilities making reliable AV support challenging. By partnering with a managed service provider (MSP), your service level agreement (SLA) will set clear expectations on reliability. Our focus every day is on perfecting the delivery of our service. Not only is that good for us, but it’s also even better for our clients.

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Scalable AV Support

Whether an organization has 10 rooms with AV equipment or over 1,000, we have the resources and skills to deliver results and drive value. We support clients with single physical locations, corporate campus configurations, and those with locations spread throughout the globe. Regardless of size, we’re up for the challenge and will provide the same level of AV services every day.

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Data Analytics & Root Cause Analysis

Proactive Support with Data Analytics & Root Cause Analysis

We find the best way to increase satisfaction is to reduce technology issues altogether. Through regimented proactive maintenance, Mechdyne reduces incidents from the start. As a result, users experience more efficient and effective collaboration sessions.

Coupling our ticketing and case management system, PIVOT with our data reporting & analysis, we address recurring issues proactively. We collect and analyze data to understand trends relating to technology components, rooms, maintenance requirements, and user knowledge.

Mechdyne’s technicians use this information to tailor maintenance plans, adjust AV technical support processes, plan resources, and reduce incidents. As a result of the trend analysis, our team focuses our root cause analysis efforts on recurring issues instead of just fixing broken equipment.

Our Proactive Client Information Program (PCIP) targets trainable, frequent, repetitive problems that negatively impact the end-user, allowing users to resolve frequent “user errors” on their own. Users who receive a PCIP communication are 87% less likely to call back about the same issue.

Our proactive work keeps your technology functioning at optimal levels, allowing your team to stay focused on strategic organizational initiatives.

Our technicians gather data specific about:

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Incident Type, Source, & Resolution Type
Issue Countermeasure Success Rate
Preventative/Routine Maintenance Visits & Their Effectiveness
Response Times, Action Plans, & Team Efficiencies
Client Satisfaction, Workflow Disruption, & Client Aftercare

Managed Services Packages

Our entry-level Managed Services includes the following supporting services:

  • Incident Management
  • Request Management
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Knowledge Management
  • PIVOT – Mechdyne’s ticketing and Case Management System
  • Regular Reporting & Data Analytics

Customizable Options

Customize our entry-level Managed Service offering with any of the following additional services to meet your needs.

  • Audio Visual Support Center (AVSC)
  • Audio Visual System Commissioning
  • Control Panel Programming
  • Audio Visual Asset Management
  • Color Management for Visualization Systems
  • White-Glove VIP & Event Support

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