Break-Fix Approach Downfalls

Most organizations experience support focused on fixing equipment instead of ensuring an overall positive experience. An equipment-centric approach results in a multitude of negative impacts, including slow response time and a lack of proactive maintenance. Equipment-centric service is often delivered without meaningful accountability or reporting metrics. A break-fix approach culminates in an inability to plan for upgrades or understand service effectiveness.

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Taking A Different Approach

Mechdyne focuses on the people and the experience, instead of equipment, providing substantial returns on investment. Industry reports indicate over 60 percent of service calls are attributed to user impatience or a lack of training, highlighting the importance of focusing on people over equipment. Simple equipment repair does not empower users.

Mechdyne’s Proactive Support Framework is designed to find and resolve issues before they impact end-users. The end goals of a proactive support framework are reductions in technology downtime and more confident users. This increases technology room utilization rates, which increases overall productivity and efficiencies for your organization.

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The Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance includes regularly scheduled maintenance visits to maintain the AV system and meet the uptime requirements of the organization. These proactive checks help to find issues before they can impact end-users.

Functionality Verification Process (FVP) visits are typically utilized for VIP rooms where meeting failure is not an option. These checks are typically carried out every day first thing each morning in critical spaces.

Any issues found during these checks are resolved immediately and documented via the ticketing system. Should an issue not be immediately resolvable, then the team will either implement a workaround or close the room and help relocate end-users.

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Meeting Room Technology

Proactive Audio Visual Managed Services

Mechdyne’s AV Managed Services combines on-site and remote support teams, remote monitoring, user training, and data analysis to maintain the organization’s equipment and empower its users. Proactive maintenance means fewer reactive incidents and less downtime for the entire organization.

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