Proactive Tech Maintenance & Training Program

During a review of last year’s business results, the Mechdyne team was discussing the recent renewal of a technical services contract with one of our clients. The renewal came after delivering $1.55 million in incremental savings against the initial contract (15 percent).

When discussing how we could deliver such significant savings, one of our practices came up several times during the discussion. The answer was our Proactive Client Information Program (PCIP). A simple concept, when executed flawlessly, delivers on what makes Mechdyne so valuable to our clients.

The conversation centered around our focus on client workflows, and how understanding their needs really helps us deliver value rather than checking boxes on our service level agreements (SLAs).

To do this, we evaluate the number and frequency of issues that come into our help center, and from those, we identify areas that may need more attention. Issues that have a high reoccurrence and don’t require complex solutions end up in the PCIP.

PCIP Program

The PCIP program is a descendant of our monthly and quarterly review process. Those meetings ensure we solve issues “at the moment.” The PCIP program was developed to take the learnings from the review of the SLAs to proactively evaluate those situations and deliver incremental, long-term value.

Our team noticed patterns in audiovisual help requests and identified problems stemming from ongoing—but not repetitive tasks—where end-users simply forgot the training for a specific, but an infrequent task. The PCIP began as a tool to educate end-users with high ticket volumes to be more efficient with their time.

With that start, the PCIP program has grown to cover a host of situations with more of our clients. Each iteration of the program varies depending on each organization’s unique workflows and needs.

Using Our Proactive Approach

The design of the PCIP program provides answers to problems end-users may be able to solve on their own and proactively give them the information they need to stay productive. Items in the PCIP vary from client to client based on their workflows and technology.

Our technicians build process documents and videos that allow the end-user to resolve their own issues in real-time. This increases their productivity and frees up our technician’s time to stay focused on the bigger issues impacting our client’s business.

Driving Business Savings

The PCIP is a model for driving efficiency. The PCIP drives savings through reducing repeat issues from the same user by 38 percent, with 90 percent of users not calling back for the same issue again. The simple act of enabling their people to address common issues themselves kept all sides moving forward while driving down the bottom line.

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