Solving Workstation Challenges

Engineers, architects, designers, and other power users need workstations every day. When work is increasingly done remotely, many issues can occur:

  • Workstations are taken out of the office. Valuable assets become harder to maintain and keep secure.
  • Important software applications and critical data are also out of the office. Data security can become a major concern.
  • Version control can be a chronic problem when users must continuously download and upload data to central servers.

CORE (Computers Optimized for Remote Experiences) solves these issues by centralizing workstations, simplifying IT access and management. Users still experience like-local performance thanks to TGX remote desktop, Mechdyne’s incredibly powerful remote access, and collaboration software. When an access broker application is added, there is an opportunity to reduce the number of workstations by allocating available units when needed. CORE solutions can be custom-configured to your requirements and available in CAPEX and OPEX options.

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Two computer workstation monitors showing design of a stylized airplane for visual effects, and scientific data

Significant Business Impacts

red arrow pointing down to indicate CORE reduction in costs and time

- Workstation Investments
- Bandwidth Requirements
- IT Maintenance

green arrow pointing up to indicate CORE increases in satisfaction and savings

- Data Security
- Productivity
- User Satisfaction

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The CORE Solution


An equipment rack loaded with eight graphics computer workstations for CORE centralized computer solutions

CORE is comprised of multiple graphics workstations rack-mounted and pre-configured with Mechdyne’s powerful TGX remote desktop. All delivered plug and play into your environment. CORE centralizes workstation computing; keeping valuable assets in the office where they can be efficiently maintained. 


Remote workers access CORE’s powerful computers using a basic laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. Even if users need 4K resolution images, all this work can be done using up to 70% less bandwidth compared to typical remote access methods. 


Core can be configured for dedicated, 1:1 user/computer access, but real savings start when brokering software is added. Multiple users can be served with fewer workstations and application subscriptions, greatly reducing capital costs. Most workstations sit idle as users attend meetings or are on vacation. Available brokering software allocates idle computers to active users, more efficiently using valuable resources. 

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CORE Chart

Cost-Saving Configuration

CORE is an affordable option compared to virtual machines.

CORE is configured to your organization’s requirements based on these factors: 

  • Number of users 
  • Storage requirements 
  • Calculated idle time of users. Reduce the number of workstations needed to serve users by allocating idle computers. 
  • Graphics processing power required. CORE can be provided with two different levels of NVIDIA graphics cards in standard workstations. A hyper-powered, liquid cooled rack solution is also available. Liquid cooling is greener due to less environmental cooling 

Some Key Features of TGX Remote Desktop Include:

  • Ultra-low latency, sharp, non-distorted images
  • Up to 70% less bandwidth usage
  • Access and collaboration even at 4K display resolution
  • One remote user can collaborate with four others
  • Supports multi-monitor displays
  • Real-time mouse and keyboard response, WACOM compatible
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux environments
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Available as a capital investment or as a monthly, managed service; a complete system and support with fixed payments.

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