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The Collaborator

The Collaborator needs input from his colleagues, needs management approval, or is simply looking for second opinions. TGX brings collaborators together from across a building, the country, or the world with high-resolution working sessions. Multiple collaborators can connect to the same session to view the same information in high resolution. Users access their data from a physical workstation or a virtual machine. Keyboard and mouse control works as though they were on their local machine.

The Remote Worker

The Remote Worker needs flexibility above all else and is a master of multitasking. TGX enables the remote worker to work from anywhere with the responsiveness of working locally. Whether it is connecting to a virtual machine in the data center or to a workstation, TGX does something that other remote desktops cannot. It gives the Remote Worker the same experience they get at the office, including support for multiple high-resolution displays and responsive keyboard and mouse control.

The Viz Room Guru

The Viz Room Guru manages a large visualization room. Whether it’s being used as a presentation or collaboration space, it attracts high-profile users. The Viz Room Guru needs to connect this extreme resolution system with other visualization rooms around the world, collaborating with graphics-intensive datasets in real time. TGX sends pixels instead of data, meaning you can send dual 4K resolutions around the world using only 40Mb/s of bandwidth. No other technology on the market can offer this kind of performance.

The Cloud Guy

The Cloud Guy likes his work on-demand, only using a high-powered workstation when necessary. Many Cloud Guys put their trust in the public cloud. TGX can connect to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, or any other cloud hosting service. If the cloud service supports an NVIDIA GPU, users race to the cloud faster, in higher resolutions, and with better performance than any other remote desktop software.


The Geoscientist needs to see detail on multiple massive displays. They often feel burned by poor VDI performance in the past and are reluctant to go back. TGX helps even the most reluctant Geoscientist never look back to their old workstation because of the exceptional image quality and responsiveness of TGX. TGX is the only remote desktop that enables the Geoscientist to work the way he or she needs to work, without settling for the standard sub-par VDI experience.


The Design Reviewer

The Design Reviewer has to book a conference room an hour early to allow for time to load large data sets over the network. Reviews have to be staggered throughout the day for each Reviewer to prepare and upload content. Not anymore! Each Design Reviewer prepares their data and presentation at their desk. Once in the conference room, the users instantaneously connect to the machine at their desk. With the ability to run multiple TGX sessions simultaneously, connecting to each desktop significantly speeds up the design review process.

Industry Applications

Oil & Gas
Access your seismic and subsurface datasets with accurate color fidelity.

CAD programs like Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS run seamlessly without image lag.

Visualize patient-critical scans and information securely from anywhere.

Create and edit large video and photo files on Wacom devices.

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