Mechdyne Remote Desktop Tool Kept Critical Energy Company Data Safe, Workforce Productive

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas in 2017, Mechdyne Corporation came to the rescue to help geophysical scientists, at a local energy company, access their datacenter and work remotely despite major disruptions in infrastructure. For weeks the flooding made it impossible for employees to reach their Houston research center. Mechdyne helped the company quickly deploy a powerful remote desktop tool, TGX, which enabled researchers to access graphics-intensive seismic models from their home offices while keeping the highly proprietary big datasets safely behind the firewall at the datacenter.

What sets TGX apart is its secure protection of proprietary data combined with very low latency even for remote work with multiple displays and 4K graphics. In situations with graphics-intensive data, working remotely can bog down networks. The Houston energy company reported that they found the tool from Mechdyne used surprisingly little bandwidth and kept its geoscientists efficiently on the job over the weeks when roads were cut off by flooding.

TGX is the ideal remote desktop tool for working with high-end graphics software and takes away the typical frustrations of connecting to a data center or other computers. It delivers sharp, clear, and smooth imagery based on sophisticated encoding and decoding algorithms that prevent pixelation. Additionally, TGX provides the kind of accurate color fidelity that enables researchers and designers to make business-critical decisions with confidence, whether they are on the other side of town or on the other side of the world.

Using 30-50 percent less bandwidth compared to other remote desktops solutions, TGX gives users real-time keyboard and mouse response with minimal lag, providing remote workers with an experience that feels like a local workstation.

“Our goal is to work closely with clients in a way that supports their business objectives, whether they need a tool for working remotely or software content for a complex visualization,” said David Gsell, General Manager of Mechdyne Corporation’s Software Business. “For organizations developing business continuity plans, TGX implementation provides an important preventive measure. For our friends in Houston, it provided the security, speed, and bandwidth to mitigate the impact of an extreme weather-related event, of the type that we are seeing more frequently around the world.”

In addition to disaster recovery applications, TGX is an important collaboration tool for organizations with a dynamic remote workforce, allowing users in multiple locations to manipulate shared datasets and 4K models in real-time. It also supports multi-monitor configurations and is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

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