Secure & Control Facility Access Points

Secure your facilities with Mechdyne’s Access Control & Intrusion Detection solutions. Access control technologies allow simplified access for authorized personnel, while intruder detection systems keep unwanted intruders out. Learn more about Mechdyne’s integrated security technologies now.

Biometric Access Control - Fingerprint scanner

Access Control

It is essential to secure your building and the safety of those inside in todays world. Well-designed access control solutions can costs a while delivering peace of mind for building occupants. Today’s advanced security technologies are making access control easily manageable and more economical. What’s more, Mechdyne’s building access control systems can be easily integrated into your existing security configuration.

Facial recognition scanner for access control

Biometric Access Control Solutions

Mechdyne can improve employee satisfaction and improve efficiency at points of entry with biometric access control systems. Biometric access control solutions are an improvement over card access control systems because of the ease of entry for building personnel. Rather than struggling to find a keycard or smartphone, employees can now scan a finger on a touch screen or simply look at a camera with facial recognition software to be granted access to a given area.

Regardless of facility size, Mechdyne can design and install a secure access control system, and provide on-going support for years to come.

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Security Solutions
  • Cards, Keypads, Fobs, Vehicle Tags & Biometrics
  • Vehicle/Gate Access Control
  • Video Intercom Door Access Systems
  • Turnstyle Entry Solutions
  • Employee & Visitor ID Badging
  • Personnel & Asset Access Management
  • Metal Detectors
  • Municipal & Government
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Sports & Entertainment Facilities
  • Airports

Intrusion Detection

Protecting the people and assets within your facility is of the utmost importance. Are you able to say with certainty that your facility is safely preventing intrusion? How effectively can you detect break-ins and unwanted intruders? At Mechdyne, we consider intruder detection a vital part of any integrated security system.

Mechdyne also puts an emphasis on minimizing false alarms for all intrusion detection systems. This is done by using advanced security technologies to detect glass breaks, motion, door contact, and more. Minimizing false alarms is important for reducing costs caused by time loss and employee distractions.

Intruder attempting to break into a secure facility

AI-Powered Systems

Presence Detection

Mechdyne intrusion detection systems are powered by artificial intelligence, which reduces staffing costs while streamlining incident reaction time and prevention. Presence detection software allows you to prevent incidents before they happen; increasing overall security and limiting liabilities & loss. Mechdyne’s systems can easily be integrated into your existing security solution for easier installation and reduced costs.

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Security Solutions
  • Wired & Wireless Point Detection
  • Panic/Duress Alarms
  • Environmental Alarms
  • Remote Management
  • Smartphone Interface
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Service
  • Art & Museums
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Government & Municipal
  • Financial Institutions
  • Education Facilities

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