Network Switches & Routers

Essential Pieces of Network Infrastructure

Two essential pieces of any organization’s network infrastructure are switches and routers. While these network hardware devices perform different functions, they both are used to connect devices, increase network speeds, and improve user security. Designing an effective networking solution requires knowledge of the differences and similarities between the devices and the ability to use each to maximize network performance.

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  • Network switches work as a central location for wired network devices, like PCs or printers, to connect and communicate with one another. A switch creates a network that allows users to access or share files and have printing services on wired or wireless devices on the network.
  • Routers allow for connections between different networks by allowing a single IP address to be shared among multiple network devices. Many times, routers are combined with a switch.
Network Switches & Routers

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Our team of network specialists have the expertise to connect your core network to distribution switches and then out to access switches that power each device on the network. We implement multi-gig uplink switches (10, 40, or 100 gigs) that handle large amounts of data over a connection to provide network connectivity and protection from communications closets all the way out to laptops, printers, and audio visual equipment.

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Audio & Video Distribution

We’ve been integrating audio visual solutions for over 25 years. We’re experts in multicast solutions that use routers to distribute audio and video content throughout organizations.  

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