Companies are continually challenged with preventing web and email-borne threats to the network. Network-wide solutions can protect the entire network, rather than installing filtering solutions that protect each individual. This provides protection from a single administrative portal, even if the network is providing service for multiple locations.



A Firewall acts as proactive protection by creating a barrier between the corporate network and outside web activity. It blocks incoming or outgoing traffic based on defined corporate security rules. This network device is key for maintaining network security.

Some firewalls integrate web filters and SPAM filters. Others operate as separate appliances on the network.

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Web Filters

Network web filters protect the network from web-borne threats by blocking access to websites that are known to harbor malware and any website that shares its IP address with known sources of SPAM email. Web filters can also scan the content on encrypted websites to ensure unsafe content is not delivered to users on the network.

A single administration portal allows network administrators to apply appropriate use policies to network users and track unusual activity on the network in real time.

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SPAM Filter

SPAM Filters

Email SPAM is a common challenge for most organizations today. Cyberattacks usually occur when unsuspecting employees open an email that’s written with a sense of urgency or with an offer, often disguised as coming from someone within their company. Clicking links within these emails can lead to data theft or malware downloading onto the victim’s computer or even worse, the company’s network. SPAM filters can help by detecting unsolicited or suspicious emails. They can also block emails from even reaching your employee’s inboxes.

While there are many different filters to choose from, our experts can help identify and install network filters that fit your organizational needs for protection.

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