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Nothing is more important than keeping your people and assets safe. With digital surveillance and intelligence, you can protect your facilities from risks ranging from slip and fall hazards to armed intruders. AI security systems allow you to improve incident prevention with real-time monitoring while reducing costs associated with staffing and liabilities. This video surveillance technology can be integrated into your existing security systems.

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Digital Video Surveillance

Protecting people and assets can be a challenge for any facility, but that is where Mechdyne can help. New video security technology is helping digital surveillance remain a valuable security tool for protecting property and people.

In the past, video surveillance cameras were mostly used for reviewing incidents after they occurred. Today, security camera systems can be used to monitor situations as they occur, while still maintaining the ability to review post-incident. Mechdyne’s team of security experts can design a surveillance system that fits your needs using the latest products and software. Our easy-to-use systems offer both local and remote monitoring and storage.

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Unobtrusive Design

Mechdyne can install discreet surveillance cameras that do not negatively impact the appearance of your facilities. These unobtrusive video surveillance systems do not compromise on security, while allowing your facility to maintain its aesthetics.

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Security Solutions
  • Network Surveillance Cameras
  • Video Management Software
  • HD/Megapixel/180° & 360° View Cameras
  • Video Analytics Solutions
  • Network Video Recorders, SANS & Server-based Solutions
  • Global Command Centers
  • Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Integrated on Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Stadium & Event Centers
  • Faith Based Environments
  • Schools & Education Facilities
  • Healthcare Settings
  • Storage & Warehouse Facilities
  • Municipal & Government Buildings


Intelligent Video Surveillance

Mechdyne’s advanced security technologies include AI-powered detection software, Intellisee. This technology uses live surveillance and advanced computer vision AI to detect threats. This AI video surveillance operates 24/7 and eliminates the need to hire camera room personnel.

How AI Security Camera Systems Work:

  • Monitor – Intellisee connected cameras watch over your facilties
  • Detect – Artificial intelligence recognizes threats as they are presented
  • Alert – System sends out alerts to assigned personnel via email, text, phone, auditory and other notifications
  • Act – Trained personnel receive notification and react accordingly
Intelligent video surveillance

Types of Threat Detection

Intellisee artificial intelligence operates through an evolving network of self-learning algorithms that are trained against a database of incident footage. This advanced security software minimizes false negatives/positives and is continually expanding its capabilities.

Intellisee currently detects these potential threats:

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Assault & Weapon Detection
  • Abusive Behaviors and Bullying
  • Violence and Assault
  • Attempts to hide abuse
  • Impending violence markers
Slip & Fall Detection
  • Injured & fallen people
  • Spills & puddles
  • Coffee & other liquids
  • Snow & water
Presence Detection Identifies
  • Missing people
  • Trespassing
  • Sudden formation of crowds
  • Masks & other markers

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