Wireless networks allow devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other IoT devices to be connected to a corporate network with the freedom to roam untethered throughout an organization. While this solution may have struggled with speed and security in the past, Wi-Fi standards have improved and significantly eroded the differences between wired and wireless networks.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Networks?

  • Convenience – gain access to network resources from any location within your wireless network coverage space. You no longer are limited to your desk to access network data.
  • Productivity – teammates can collaborate easily while still accessing necessary documents or applications from anywhere within the coverage area.
  • Security – advances in remote network technology have improved security protections.
  • Scalability – no additional wiring is required to add new devices or equipment to the wireless network.
  • Cost-effective – wireless networks can cost less to operate than traditional networks because wiring expenses are reduced.


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Deployment Options

There are three different deployment options when setting up your wireless network. The right choice is always dependent upon organizational needs and objectives. Our experts can help you determine which solution is right for you.

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  • Typically used in campuses where buildings are close in proximity. This deployment consolidates the wireless network, making upgrades and add-ons easy. Controllers are installed in a central location on-premise.
  • Best for small campuses or branch offices. This deployment converges wired and wireless onto a single network device. An access switch performs the role of both the switch and the wireless controller.
  • This deployment uses the cloud to manage the network devices that are deployed on-premise at multiple locations. Business information can be accessed by your team wherever they go.

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