What is Life Safety?

Mechdyne’s Life Safety solutions are implemented to increase the security of life and wellness protection. These solutions reduce response time, organize critical information, and communicate instruction in the case of emergencies.

Custom Devices for Custom Safety Responses

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs and goals. For existing facilities, our technology works on existing IP cameras, networks, and structures. We integrate and program these Life Safety devices to support enable your team to provide a welcoming and secure environment, without additional work placed on the shoulders of your security team.

For new buildings and facilities, our solutions can be easily implemented without impacting construction progress.

Mechdyne’s design process is consultative, our team creates solutions specifically to meet your organization’s security needs and goals. By meeting with groups that these solutions impact directly, like building leaders and staff, we fully understand how end-users interact and implement the solutions. We take into account organization’s current security measures and utilize them, when possible, in creating a complete security solution for Life-Safety.

Mechdyne has a multitude of devices and offerings to support your organization’s safety measures. Interact, receive real-time notifications, and retrieve footage with your system, as if it were a single solution, fully capable of seamless Life-Safety support. From the “pull-down” format like traditional fire alarms, to wearable devices and Public Address (PA) systems, Mechdyne provides the right combination of solutions to keep your personnel safe and organized in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Alert

Public-Address (PA) and Mass Notification systems

The functionality of various solutions in an organization is greatly influenced by effective communication. To achieve this, there are several mass notification options available, which are guided by regulatory codes such as NFPA 72 and 101, as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC). Mechdyne also provides incident management tool integration to guide a smooth emergency response— from beginning to conclusion.

We provide a wide range of notification solutions:

  • Intercoms for facility communications
  • PA, speaker systems, and high-powered connected speaker arrays
  • Texts, push-notifications, PC pop-ups, apps, and emails through integrated software
  • Physical strategically located Emergency phones and call towers
  • Digital signage and emergency-triggered lights
  • Phone system interfaces

Emergency Alert Devices

Secure Your Facility Using These Tools

Emergency alert devices are essential tools for securing any facility. With just one push of a button, one pull of a lever, or one click of a mouse, life-saving responses can be initiated. Once triggered, leaders of the affected space are quickly notified.

To support efficient emergency responses, a digital portal serves as a centralized platform for all notifications and information. This feature also informs occupants that emergency responders are on their way. The notifications can be customized for different situations and responses, leading to less chaos, and more organized communication. The digital portal provides easy access to all necessary information, such as maps, floorplans, and protocols, which building leaders can make available to their respective teams.

Explore Emergency Devices

Types of Emergency Alert Devices

Police Alert

Immediate attention and access to emergency locations is crucial for situations like armed intruders, structural failures, and spaces that contain at-risk materials or people. This example of a Police Alert solution, from Mechdyne’s partner BluePoint, notifies all occupants of affected spaces though strobe lights, audio messages, and mobile phone notifications when a device is activated.

BluePoint’s central application portal notifies building leaders to the exact location of the triggered Alert, which enables a two-way communication platform and location pin capabilities between emergency responders, building leaders, and organization personnel with the application installed on their devices.

Medical Services Alert

Medical Services Alerts are utilized for spaces with a higher risk of medical emergencies that don’t need direct Police participation. When triggered, these devices automatically contact building leaders and the designated first responders with the specific location of the incident. Activities and operations can continue unimpeded, as the notification only populates to the specific location and the predetermined medical responders— such as local paramedics, an internal medical teal, the local hospital, or school nurse, etc. Law enforcement does not receive a notification, and full-facility audio and strobes are not activated to reduce panic to the contained medical emergency, unless specified by the client. The BluePoint portal can also hold emergency response plans and provide automated communications.

Medical Alert Devices are often used in spaces like:

  • Eating areas
    • Time is of the essence in anaphylaxis, choking, and other food-related emergencies.
  • Exercise facilities
    • The risk of seizures and heart issues rise with physical exertion.
  • Mental health treatment spaces
    • Addressing crisis situations with professionals trained for the incident, without automatically including law enforcement.
  • Large, complicated buildings, and corporate campuses
    • The exact location of the emergency is identified, and the notification can be programmed to provide specific guidance.
  • Public Facilities
    • Places holding large amounts of people are more prone to emergency.

Wearable Mobile Devices

Devices like this are most commonly worn by mobile employees, security and janitorial staff, and teachers on recess duty. They are meant to cover the extra spaces in organizations, like outdoor-play areas, additional campus buildings, and parking lots.

Simply press the button and trigger the same automated reactions as pulling an emergency device lever. Wearable devices extend alert coverage for additional location-specific support.

Additional Options for Further Customization

Alert System Integrations

  • AI Software plug-in, threat detection technology
  • Incident management command and control solutions
  • Multi-stage alert responses for additional assistance
  • Sound detection for firearms, glass breaking, and structural failures
  • Facility access controls
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