Marshalltown, IA – September 25, 2017 – The University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s (UMBC) π² Immersive Hybrid Reality Lab is revolutionizing how students learn and researchers explore concepts. Considered one of the fastest-growing research universities in the country, UMBC’s continued success is being accelerated through innovative research and learning in the π² Lab. As users interact with their data in more meaningful ways, researchers and students will work closely with each other to make scientific breakthroughs.

“We would like to make large and complex data sets more intuitive,” says Don Engel, Assistant VP for Research. “We want multiple people to be exposed to the same data to allow collaborative interaction with that data.”

UMBC partnered with Mechdyne Corporation to design, integrate, and support the π² Lab technology. Boasting the latest in audiovisual and information technologies (AV/IT), the π² Lab features a Mechdyne ARC, a curved, six-by-four tiled wall, where users can learn and test new concepts in 3D, virtual reality, or augmented reality. Spanning eight feet tall and twenty feet wide with a 50-million-pixel resolution, users feel completely immersed no matter their field of study.

“We have a lot of interest from different departments wanting to utilize the solution,” says Engel. “The computer science department wants to look at cybersecurity, the visual arts department is seeing unique collaboration between the imagining center and theatre department, and biochemical engineering is working to find and fix environmental problems – like the impacts of water contamination.”

While the π² Lab technology is still in its infancy, Engel and the team are excited for users to experience complex data in an easier, more engaging way.

“Our team is honored to support UMBC as they continue to make leaps in their 3D imaging and visualization capabilities,” says James Gruening, senior vice president at Mechdyne Corporation. “The π² Lab complements their 3D Scanning Lab, making them a clear leader in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We are very excited to see them continue making scientific advancements.”

About the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

UMBC is a dynamic public research university integrating teaching, research, and service to benefit the citizens of Maryland. As an Honors University, the campus offers academically talented students a strong undergraduate liberal arts foundation that prepares them for graduate and professional study, entry into the workforce, and community service and leadership.

UMBC emphasizes science, engineering, information technology, human services, and public policy at the graduate level. UMBC contributes to the economic development of the State and the region through entrepreneurial initiatives, workforce training, K-16 partnerships, and technology commercialization in collaboration with public agencies and the corporate community. UMBC is dedicated to cultural and ethnic diversity, social responsibility, and lifelong learning.

About Mechdyne

Mechdyne Corporation is a broad-based technology partner specializing in audiovisual and information technologies (AV/IT), visualization and software solutions, immersive virtual reality technologies, managed services, and technical support services. We address complex projects where an in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of customized solutions involving elements of display, graphics computing, software, and professional services.

Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne serves a global client base that includes leading government laboratories, university and research centers, energy, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical organizations, as well as any other user of advanced technology.

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