How Advances in Technology Can Cover the Gaps in Physical Security Staffing

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Organizations of all sizes continue to face obstacles while recruiting. All departments can be impacted by these obstacles, but things can become dangerous when these challenges begin to impact your physical security needs. Luckily, your security doesn’t need to be compromised as a result of your staffing issues.

Many organizations are using continuously advancing technology to fill the gaps. These security technologies complement existing security teams while improving teammate and guest experiences.

Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to find the correct balance between digital solutions and staff to achieve your organization’s goals. Once these security goals are defined, security solutions can be delivered. These solutions provide and critical mix of services including protection, data, and prevention; all of which are specific to client environments and needs.

How can I increase security protection without increasing staffing requirements and workloads?

AI-Powered Video Surveillance & Analytics Solutions

It is now possible to mitigate threats before incidents happen with real-time AI security platforms, or video analytics solutions, which provide constant detection. Many of these solutions can be integrated into existing passive security camera systems to proactively monitor your facilities.

Traditional camera surveillance only provides value when you continuously have someone monitoring activity. As a result, footage usually ends up being used for documentation post-incident rather than preventing incidents before they happen. This has become the reality for many as staffing shortages continue to be an issue.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Surveillance Works

Intelligent video surveillance solutions continuously monitor facilities to detect issues as they arise. Advanced security technologies detect slip and fall risks, intrusion detection, weapon detection, and vehicle identification.

AI security camera systems will alert assigned contacts when a threat occurs. Contacts will also be notified of the threat type and location, allowing them to act quickly.Intelligent Video Surveillance camera

This eliminates the need to hire staff to sit in front of monitors all the time. Instead, security personnel will receive notifications by text, email, or phone call, and can react accordingly. This reduces staffing requirements while lowering the potential risks and lawsuit expenses.

Biometric Access Control

While some traditional access control solutions like keycards and keypads may seem like low cost solutions, they can actually cost more over time. These solutions risk potential code or card sharing, with the additional possibility of unauthorized people following someone into a building or restricted area without consent. These outdated access control systems typically require security personnel to be present at every entrance, inflating overhead costs. There is also the inevitable cost of replacing lost cards and fobs over time associated with these access control systems.

Biometric Access Control - face scanner

Organizations are switching to biometric access control systems to improve the flow of traffic while restricting unauthorized individuals. These systems can also increase employee satisfaction by streamlining authorization at points of entry. Employees will no longer struggle to find a keycard or smart phone; instead, they can simply look up at a camera or touch a screen to gain access to restricted areas.

Biometric access control systems can be part of a two-factor authentication solution when sensitive information is present in an area, such as data centers. For example: pairing biometric security with a keypad is a great way to layer-in an extra security factor without needing to invest in dual authentication at every access point.

Integrated Security Technologies

An organization’s security solutions can often be made up of many different components. Unfortunately, they don’t always work together effectively, which creates the need for additional staffing to monitor and manage 24/7. Integrated security solutions take the pressure off staffing while improving the organizations overall security. These solutions integrate multiple electronic security components together, creating a centralized system.

Integrated Security Solutions

A single point of contact for all of your security needs is possible by integrating systems such as access control, video surveillance, intruder detection, and visitor management into a single management platform. This improves incident response rates while simplifying monitoring and reporting. Integrated security systems serve companies of all sizes and are becoming increasingly more important for managing multiple buildings at the same time. Centralized control will take an organization’s security effectiveness to a whole new level.

Unified Security Solutions

Organizations continue to add to their security coverage year-over-year as technologies advance and security needs change. This can effectively deliver broad security coverage, but many systems do not allow for communication with one another and therefore do not provide data that allows security teams to make critical decisions quickly.Unified Security Solutions banner

A unified security system monitors and manages events efficiently and effectively by consolidating all gathered data. Additionally, unified security solutions allow for control of multiple security functions through a single platform and a single interface. Though companies operating a single building facility benefit greatly from this solution, its scalability makes it most impactful for multi-site companies. These solutions provide organizations with total security oversight, allowing personnel to react fast and prevent/manage incidents.

Choosing the right security solution for your company can be a daunting task, especially while dealing with staffing shortages. If you’re ready to address your staffing gaps by improving security technologies, Mechdyne is here to help. Our team has been designing and installing security systems for our clients for over 25 years. Let our team of experts create the right mix of prevention, data, and protection services specific to your organization’s needs.

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