Passive Optical LAN’s better technology outperforms legacy copper LANs

The 20th-century LAN was decentralized and hardware-centric. It was designed for “best effort” services and applications with 80% local traffic. CIOs and IT professionals prioritized their IT spend on racks and stacks of switches and cabling that filled their local data center rooms (MDFs) and communication rooms (IDFs). Technicians ran around to far-reaching end-points managing the daily moves/adds/changes, and troubleshooting the occasional network outage during business hours. Security was of little concern behind the enterprise’s locked front door and wireless connectivity did not even exist.

The 21st-century LAN never sleeps. It’s always on. Critical real-time business services and applications demand the highest network uptime and security. In fact, 90% of the traffic now exits the LAN because the data is no longer local. Remote employees, regional and international offices, virtual desktops, hosted/managed services, cloud-based applications, and wireless connections make today’s LAN more important than ever. It’s no longer just phones and computers. Now, there is big data, analytics, internet-of-things, smart buildings, eBusiness, and eCommerce depending on this modern LAN.

Now, CIOs and IT professionals need to figure out how to make sure their IT switch and cabling infrastructure can support wireless IEEE 802.11ac wave 2, 10 gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and beyond.

Tellabs Optical LAN is the best choice for the modern, high-performance 21st-century LAN. When compared to its legacy copper-based predecessor, Tellabs Optical LAN is a simple, stable, scalable, secure, sustainable, and smart choice that addresses IT needs with better technology that saves you money.

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