Extending the Desktop to Immersive Environments

Whether a large screen, curved wall, or boundary-pushing half-pipe tunnel such as the Carnegie VizLab, immersive reality installations allow multiple users to share immersive experiences simultaneously without the isolation or distraction of a head-mounted display (HMD). As the entry-level to extended reality solutions, immersive environments typically present 3D images using 2D display systems.  Adding multi-channel audio enhances the experience and all but transports users to a virtual world.

Immersive reality environments can be highly flexible in design to accommodate current and future use cases. Even a traditional cube-shaped room (CAVE) can have walls that are easily configurable for a wide variety of uses. Basic immersive solutions can be designed to allow more advanced tools, like cameras, tracking systems, virtual production tools, or VR software, to be integrated with the system in the future for expanded use cases. Our goal is always to design solutions that maximize utility and extend ROI.

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Mechdyne Immersive Reality Experience

Immersive Reality Deepens Understanding

Every day, Mechdyne immersive reality solutions enable discovery in research and education. Our technology partnerships speed engineering, architecture, design, and training. And we help create entirely new experiences in entertainment and the arts. An ideal solution for larger audiences, immersive reality is also a powerful vehicle for corporate storytelling in brand experience and executive briefing centers. The possibilities are endless, and every day we partner with clients to realize them.

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