The foundation to a successful Executive Briefing Center (EBC) is in first uncovering your goals, as we discussed in our last blog. However, selecting the right partners and project team can determine whether your EBC lives up to expectations or misses the mark in providing a customized, seamless experience for your customers. The success of an EBC is often measured by:

  • Incremental revenue related to EBC activities 

  • ROI tailored to each organization’s specific program 

  • Customer satisfaction levels

  • Gathering “voice of the customer,” both internally and externally

The Secret to Project Success

Keeping this in mind, carefully consider your project process by placing your solution’s value above all else. A key way to do this is by partnering with a single provider who designs, integrates, and installs your EBC technology. Instead of splitting these responsibilities, a single-source provider considers all your established goals to provide a comprehensive solution. 

Genesis Systems Group uncovered the benefits of this approach. As a dedicated partner from design through build and into post-project support, Mechdyne ensured Genesis experienced maximum uptime, project consistency, and a seamless experience.

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The success of Genesis’ EBC is driving record sales growth, building strong customer relationships, and streamlining internal and external processes. They consistently meet and exceed their key performance indicators of a successful EBC.

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