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Virtual Production (or VFX) has transformed the entertainment industry, transfixing audiences with other-worldly imagery and ultra-realistic action. Mechdyne brings the same know-how and technology to enterprise audiences, and corporate storytelling will never be the same.

By combining computer-generated imagery with live-action performance, visual effects, and virtual production solutions dramatically enhance the impact of corporate communication. Mechdyne partners with forward-looking enterprises to harness the unique power of in-camera VFX to advance their strategic objectives and address a world of use cases. From brand-level communication to product roll-outs and employee town halls, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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Mechdyne Immersive Reality Environment

Partner with a proven virtual production leader

Successful in-camera VFX requires carefully chosen and seamlessly integrated hardware and software.  Mechdyne wields 25 years of expertise delivering innovative, complex visualization solutions. This means we have the know-how to design, engineer, and install systems at any scale, in any configuration – across a wide variety of spaces. We understand the graphics computer systems, cameras, and motion-tracking devices required to deliver a smooth event. We can also provide on-site team members to manage and run the production suite.

Tell us what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll ensure you reap every benefit from your investment. Mechdyne begins every engagement with in-depth discovery to identify the use cases you envision – and ones that you may not have even considered. Then we get to work to provide the optimal balance of tailored technology and flexibility for the future. And because we’re vendor agnostic, you get precisely the gear you need, at the best possible price. The result: a system that performs as promised, enjoys high utilization and is backed by an entire team of VFX experts.


Virtual Production for Enterprise Remote Meeting

Engineered to impress.
Designed to be used.

The higher a technology investment’s utilization rate, the more value it provides. Mechdyne excels in designing systems that can meet the needs of multiple stakeholders on day one – and over time. Our success in this regard reflects a deep understanding of how to combine flexibility in application with turnkey operation. Among the applications:

  • Corporate events, including product launches, sales meetings and technology showcases
  • Virtual briefings for executives, customers and partners
  • Global team collaboration
  • Design and engineering reviews
  • Town hall meetings
  • Media engagement
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Engage Remote Participants
  • Remote meetings and presentations are the new reality. Virtual production technology goes far beyond presenting stale, static PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Spark imaginations and engage your audiences. Turn your next remote meeting or presentation into an experience they will be telling their colleagues, friends, and co-workers about.
Reduce Travel Expenses
  • Virtual production technology can make remote meetings as effective as in-person interactions. Save time and money on travel and invest instead in creating memorable, immersive content that will leave prospects, shareholders, or teammates eager for more.
Shorten Sales Cycles
  • With busy schedules, finding times for travel and in-person engagements can extend sales cycles out for weeks, or even months. Virtual briefing solutions will create the immersive and engaging presentation that you'd normally do in-person while providing more flexibility with remote meeting scheduling. This allows you to close deals faster and find new opportunities sooner.

Educating a new generation of visual effects professionals

Visual effects technologies confer a myriad of benefits for higher education institutions. In a hybrid world, VFX makes it vastly easier to engage students, particularly the growing number of distance learners. It also enables universities to communicate more powerfully to all their audiences.

Just as important, virtual production facilities give learning institutions a powerful platform to train students in one of the most promising career sectors of their generation. Mechdyne partners with colleges and universities to create customized in-camera VFX solutions to meet their specific communication and pedagogical objectives. From design through installation to training and ongoing support, we maximize utilization, minimize downtime, and optimize your return on investment.

Work With A Knowledgeable Partner

Successful virtual productions require carefully chosen hardware and software that need to integrate and operate seamlessly. Mechdyne has been delivering innovative, complex AV solutions for over 25 years. Not only can we design, engineer, and install LED walls at any scale, in any configuration, we also understand the graphics computer systems, cameras, and motion tracking devices required to deliver a smooth event. We can provide on-site teammates who will manage and run the production suite for you to ensure your events are successful, every time.

Already have or considering LED screens at your organization and wonder how to incorporate virtual production into your workflow? Mechdyne offers consulting services to help you realize the potential of virtual production capabilities. Adding this use case is a great way to optimize ROI on technology investments. Let’s discuss how we can help!

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