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Thrilling an audience? That’s just for openers. We want to bring the same delight to project designers, their clients, and the myriad participants who partner with us to create one-of-a-kind entertainment environments. Mechdyne wins rave reviews with across-the-board competencies in technical design consulting, system building and integration, as well as technology support.

Our combination of creative thinking and problem-solving acumen simplifies development. And the Mechdyne team consistently meets budgets and timelines by translating our clients’ vision into solutions that are as practical as they are powerful. No wonder we win so many encore engagements.

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A Reliable Partner for Designers

Leading designers of entertainment venues count on Mechedyne for the complex AV, immersive, and VR solutions that bring their ideas to life. In addition to our comprehensive range of design, integration, and support services, Mechdyne excels at preserving the creative integrity of the designers’ vision, using technology to enrich and extend the entertainment experience. Moreover, we collaborate closely with partners at every phase of the project life cycle, ensuring a smooth journey to completion. Some of the qualities that make Mechdyne a key member of a designer’s team:

  • Expertise in complex installations
  • Professional project management
  • VR hardware and software (Unity, Unreal) expertise
  • Milling design expertise
  • Global delivery, service, and support


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A Multi-Talented Performer

By their very nature, entertainment venues are ambitious undertakings. Providing an experience that’s unforgettable for audiences, yet practical and repeatable for the client requires the creative application of proven technologies. This is where Mechdyne excels. For 25 years, we have integrated leading-edge AV, immersive, and VR technology into immersive experiences that wow visitors and thrill our clients. Among the qualities valued by our entertainment industry partners:

  • Unified services spanning technical design, system building and technology integration
  • Leading-edge capabilities in immersive, augmented and virtual reality hardware and software.
  • Best-of-breed thinking incorporating our related experience creating museum, corporate, academic, and research environments
  • Superior service and support, maximizing uptime and reliability
  • Expertise in integrating control systems, audio and acoustics, security, and access control systems, and much more.

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