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From museums and entertainment venues to executive briefing and brand experience centers, Mechdyne helps create spaces that become compelling destinations and amazing points of departure. Here advanced AV, immersive, and virtual reality technologies take visitors on a journey that immerses, engages, and inspires. Whether your goal is to inform, educate, or simply to delight, count on Mechdyne for the targeted vision and coordinated expertise necessary to create a multisensory immersive experience grounded in strategic intent.

Kimberly Clark Brand Experience

Brand Experiences

Mechdyne solutions create unforgettable interactions between people and brands. From guiding investors through strategic information to deepening customers’ connections to the products and companies they love, we create immersive experiences that are as unique as the brands themselves. We have the experience and expertise to bring even the most audacious concepts to life. We develop solutions that can evolve along with your brand and can also be used for collaboration, design/engineering reviews, training, executive briefings, and content production. Let us create a showcase space that is worthy of your brand.

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The know-how to WOW. Mechdyne brings the same delight to project designers, their clients, and the myriad participants who partner with us to create one-of-a-kind entertainment environments. Our combination of creative thinking and problem-solving acumen simplifies development and translates our client’s vision into solutions that are as practical as they are powerful. In addition to our comprehensive range of design, integration, and support services, we excel at preserving the creative integrity of the designers’ vision, using technology to enrich and extend the entertainment experience. Let us dazzle your audiences with multi-sensory spaces they won’t soon forget.

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IBM Executive Briefing Center

Executive Briefing Centers

Mechdyne’s reputation as a provider of executive briefing center solutions rests, first, on our ability to deliver memorable client experiences. This requires not only multidisciplinary design and engineering expertise but also a strong brand sensibility and storytelling ability. We excel at creating environments that can evolve with clients’ needs and enable a variety of uses – such as town halls, large-group collaborations, and even third-party rentals. Each solution is unique, but all provide flexibility and scalability to maximize return on investment. Client briefing centers can be developed on almost any scale – from standalone facilities that inspire awe, to repurposed spaces within a company’s executive wing. We partner with architectural and design team members to advance each client’s unique vision while satisfying the most rigorous budgetary, scheduling, and project management requirements. Let’s partner to create a high-impact solution for your high-impact events.


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Our mission is to translate concepts into reality. We’re accustomed to translating educators’ and designers’ visions into practical, turnkey solutions – delivered on time and on budget. The custom nature of exhibition spaces entails risk for museums – building something new always does. We leverage a 25-year history of delivering enthralling experiences in perfect synchronization with our fellow collaborators. And just as important, our solutions are designed for easy upgrades and migrations, and Mechdyne support ensures maximum uptime. Our comprehensive approach enables arts institutions to think big while planning prudently. It’s your story to tell. Let us help make it a reality.

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California Academy of Sciences Planetarium

Planetariums & Science Centers

Mechdyne brings a unique perspective to planetariums and science centers by developing solutions based on our “user first, technology second” strategy. We deliver unforgettable experiences that inform as they entertain, and inspire while they amaze. We focus on delivering a new dimension of flexibility and utility with solutions that perform as they were envisioned. Tell us your goals. Challenge our team not just to realize your vision but to build on it.

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