Mechdyne Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality:
An Experience Beyond the Visual

Virtual reality (VR) takes immersive imagery to the next level. Here users don’t just view the virtual 3D environment, they fully inhabit and interact with it. Integrating stunningly immersive stereoscopic visuals, immersive audio, and even technologies that enable natural ambulation, Mechdyne VR environments transport participants to a new realm of experience. From body, motion, and eye tracking to haptic feedback, we marshal a comprehensive skill set along with deep client understanding to enable one-of-a-kind experiences. Just as impressive: We build in the flexibility and scalability that provides true ROI.

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Delivering Infinite Potential for Discovery

Whether designing a VR experience for head-mounted displays (HMDs), a video wall, or a configurable CAVE environment, we connect, extend, and optimize the experience via Mechdyne’s getReal3D for Unity. And despite infinite customizability, every Mechdyne VR solution is based on industry standards and grounded in our clients’ stated goals and workflow objectives. From designing digital twins of spaces or designs to immersing in the metaverse, VR is ready to support a wide variety of use cases. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll realize the potential of virtual reality in the real and digital twin worlds, in the metaverse, and beyond.

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