Engage the Mind,
Dazzle the Senses

Keep pace with the expanding universe of scientific knowledge, while exceeding the ever-higher expectations of facility visitors and users. Combining decades of experience and the latest technology, Mechdyne enables unforgettable experiences that inform as they entertain, and inspire while they amaze. Just as important, we deliver a new dimension of flexibility and utility with solutions that also enable:

  • Feature films and documentaries
  • Public forums, lectures, and symposiums
  • Virtual reality (VR) and gaming experiences
  • Community events, including those for children, holidays, and scientific anniversaries

Share your goals with us. Challenge our team not just to realize your vision but to build on it. The results will astonish.

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California Academy of Sciences Planetarium

Boundless Possibilities,
Proven Processes

Mechdyne brings a unique perspective to science centers and planetariums by designing solutions based on our “user first, technology second” strategy. Grounded in audience expectations and client objectives, this approach ensures that every solution performs as envisioned. Mechdyne will:

  • Understand stakeholder goals, project team requirements, and long-term objectives
  • Analyze the available space, resources, and what is critical to internal workflows to bring the vision to life
  • Work within established parameters to design and integrate the ideal solution. Our ability to stage solutions eliminates construction rework expenses and schedule risks
  • Minimize system downtime through a tailored maintenance plan


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