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By overlaying and combining digital and real-world elements, Mechdyne’s augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) capabilities dramatically enrich, extend, and speed up our clients’ ability to create new designs, workflows, and environments. Our understanding of spatial volumes, 3D modeling, and user interfaces enable us to develop customized solutions to transform processes and applications ranging from design review to manufacturing facility design. And with our proprietary smartAR augmented reality design tool, we’re able to operationalize our solutions for optimal efficiency in a vast array of use cases.

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Our smartAR™ Augmented Reality (AR) design tool augments a digital twin over top of a live camera feed of a real-world, physical object, maintaining scale, placement, and position of the CAD model relative to the object.

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Design Faster & Reduce Development Costs

Mechdyne’s augmented and mixed reality solutions enable industrial designers, digital modeling sculptors, and others to work at the pinnacle of their profession. On a fundamental level, the technology improves designers’ ability to understand what the end user will experience. Designers can position themselves inside their designs well before they assume physical form. At the prototyping stage, extended reality applications can speed and simplify the design and review process, thus reducing development costs. It facilitates collaboration across design groups and bridges design and engineering functions in vehicle design.

At the same time, AR can assist service technicians by showing them how to approach problems without disassembling a vehicle or breaking its parts. The technology can also be an invaluable training tool for auto industry workers, enabling them to prepare for challenging and unexpected situations without endangering personnel or depleting company resources. The technology also supports decision-making by making complex information more comprehensible.

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