Adaptable Immersive and VR Workspaces

Enable More Users. Change the Display to Meet Their Needs

Easily accommodate multiple virtual reality and data presentation use cases. A flat video wall display or immersive VR solution can be quickly changed to different shapes to meet the goals of specific users and data. For example, at the touch of a button you can reconfigure a standard, static CAVE to become:

  • An L-shape for immersive 3D models and associated 2D data
  • An angled theater for collaboration, video conferencing, or multiple data sets
  • A flat wall display for virtual reality presentation and/or 2D data review

Going Beyond a Linear Screen

Reconfiguration isn’t limited to linear screens. With the right combination of display technology and structural design, a flat video wall can quickly be changed into an immersive curved screen.

Adaptable Environment Applications

A reconfigurable display is ideal for:

Multiple Users

Multiple users with different types of data, review, and presentation needs like briefing centers, university innovation hubs, and design reviews.

Maximizing Space

Maximizing utilization of a single immersive space through shared access. New LED display technologies reduce space requirements even more further .

Varied Datasets

Varied datasets that cannot be adequately displayed in a single display configuration. Display 2D, 3D, and/or virtual reality datasets separately or together.

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