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Strategic investment in digital infrastructure fosters intellectual inquiry and critical thinking and is instrumental both to the efficient operation and long-term viability of your institution. More than that, it can be a reputational game changer in a hyper-competitive educational landscape. Colleges and universities that wish to offer a truly differentiated experience come to Mechdyne for AV, IT, VR, AR, and VFX solutions that place them in a category of one.

Mechdyne designs, implements, and supports solutions so powerful, reliable, and intuitive that they drive the recruitment and retention of students and faculty. We satisfy administrators’ desire for solutions that bolster the institution’s brand, respect its budgets, and provide flexibility for an unpredictable future. We also win support from AV, IT, and facilities teams by providing scalable, standards-based solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain, and service.

Our comprehensive, customized audio visual solutions not only transform the learning experience across campuses. The same capabilities also provide a platform for educating the next generation of technology professionals. From collaboration environments to virtual production facilities, Mechdyne gives colleges and universities the tools to immerse, engage, and inspire students in life-changing ways.

Iowa State Case Study
Iowa State University Audio Visual Solutions

AV Solutions for Research Facilities

From state-of-the-art workshops to advanced visualization labs, Mechdyne brings customized technology solutions to a vast range of research facilities. These environments become magnets for the most talented researchers and teachers. They give students hands-on experience in their area of study. Moreover, they are essential to fostering long-term partnerships with sponsors and fellow researchers and have the potential to generate significant revenue from university-owned discoveries.

We purposefully support your exploration of new emerging technologies, with the goal to provide a return on investment that exceeds expectations. We strive to deliver multi-purpose solutions that your institution, its customers, and communities will all benefit from.

Tell us what you hope to achieve. We’re eager to help you make it a reality.

ISU Sports Concession

Campus-Wide Solutions

Today’s connected campus extends far beyond the classroom. Wherever people gather, Mechdyne provides the audio visual technology to unite them. Which is why our solutions can be found in locker rooms and meeting rooms, broadcast rooms and studios, cafeterias and bookstores, and lobbies. We also provide wayfinding solutions for transitional spaces, and mass-notification solutions that reach the farthest corner of campus. To learn how these solutions came together in a single facility, reach this case study about the Iowa State University Sports Performance Center

Solutions for:

  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Entrepreneurial innovation hubs
  • Makerspaces
  • Research facilities
  • Control rooms
  • Theater-production studios
  • Virtual production facilities
  • Sports performance centers and eSports arenas
  • Library innovation spaces
  • Classic training environments
Optimize My Campus

Control Room Solutions

Modern campuses are broad with complex ecosystems that rely on centralized control facilities for everything from AV technology monitoring and management to parking enforcement, accessibility maintenance, and critical asset management. Mechdyne enhances control while simplifying administration by creating command centers where technology can be remotely monitored and controlled, and problems can be detected and remediated. These facilities even provide opportunities for student instruction in technology management.

The impact is dramatic: Labor costs plummet, and so do response times. Workflow is simplified and uptime is increased along with end-user satisfaction. Mechdyne draws on vast experience creating command and control centers for industry, and we bring the same skill set to universities so that they can embrace technology without becoming hostage to it.

Solutions for Learning Spaces

Nowhere will your educational technology investment have a more visible impact than in your learning spaces.  Integrating digital innovation across the student experience not only facilitates learning and enhances student satisfaction, but also provides new opportunities to engage with your communities, make progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), provides immersive learning experiences in virtual environments, and much more.

In-person collaborative learning experiences engage and inspire us. These spaces provide opportunities to reflect on information and data with expert educators and researchers, creating new knowledge and intellectual insight.

From small-group environments to large lecture facilities, Mechdyne creates and upgrades learning spaces to support collaboration, videoconferencing, hybrid/distance learning, web-casting, visual production, broadcasting, and traditional speaker presentations. In every environment, we focus on easy operation and flexibility to support the wide range of personal devices students rely on, provide the connectivity demanded by today’s digital learners, and ensure an equally satisfying experience for on-site and remote students. Our solutions also accommodate faculty’s individual teaching styles and streamline service and support for AV, IT, and facilities staff.

Solutions for Auditorium Environments

Whether outfitting a new space or upgrading an existing one, Mechdyne brings unprecedented flexibility and capabilities to large-venue and auditorium environments. Together we’ll explore the universe of potential uses for the space and custom-create an audio visual solution that meets your every requirement, from lectures and presentations to large-group collaboration, videoconferencing, distance learning, webcasting, broadcasting, and more. Our goals: to create spaces that offer a seamless, inclusive experience for audiences, turnkey operation for presenters, easy upkeep and servicing for support staff, and broad flexibility for the future.

Webinar: Making Your Visualization Center an Academic Switzerland

Listen in as Frank Klassner, Professor at Villanova University, discusses how to enroll and engage multiple departments into using and getting value from a centralized visualization center. Frank’s innovation center features a custom, reconfigurable immersive CAVE that can support many different use cases.

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