Mission Critical Solutions

Mission Critical Solutions must work all day every day. Organizations use these spaces for mission-critical projects. As the backbone of mission-critical operations, AV/IT technology systems must simplify use and maximize efficiency.

Beginning 20 years ago with one of the first-ever AV/IT integrated solutions, Mechdyne designed and installed an oil drilling and geo-steering operation center for a client in Venezuela. Clients take advantage of Mechdyne’s experience and success record with new remoting technologies to remotely manage and remove teammates from high-risk, high-expense environments. Adding our 24-hour on-site and remote technical support of these critical spaces minimizes downtime to near 0.

Mechdyne has helped clients develop solutions that provide consistent functionality and user experiences within existing infrastructure components and new buildings.

University Control Room

Mechdyne Control Room Capabilities

Control rooms at any scale and within any industry.
Lowered, and in some cases eliminated, downtime via increased collaboration capabilities.
Faster decision-making and incident resolution.
Improved situational awareness among users, leading to accelerated production.
Decreased number of persons at off-shore assets.
Minimized travel due to remoting technologies.
AV/IT solutions are compliant with existing security requirements that enable video conferencing, content visualization from multiple sources, and incorporation with existing legacy components.

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