A 72 x HD Information Canvas

The ultimate design, planning, collaboration, presentation, and decision-making space for complex and long-term projects.

Multi-disciplinary teams in manufacturing, AEC, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Shorten design cycles to speed time to market. Reduce physical prototype costs. Engage collaborative teams over longer periods for higher productivity.

Government and information-based organizations with multiple datasets.

Present information in full context for reduced time to insight and better decision making.

Research groups requiring expansive workspace and extreme detail.

Enable discovery through intensified and analysis.

Increase your organization’s productivity.

Mechdyne's Meeting Canvas is the ideal collaboration tool for CAVE2's expansive screen. More here.

CAVE2 3D Virtual Reality Capability

Stereoscopic 3D and 2D information can be viewed simultaneously within the canvas given  CAVE2’s unique technology and ability to present in “hybrid” mode. Or span the entire screen with immersive, virtual reality experiences, making CAVE2 the ultimate data visualization tool. The CAVE2 supports information-rich analysis with high color fidelity and contrast that take insight and collaboration to new levels. 


Watch the full CAVE2 video here

CAVE2 Delivers Astounding ROI

Raytheon’s Boston location achieved their second-year ROI goal within the first five months of CAVE2 operation and saw $1.5 million in cost savings. On the other side of the world, their brand-new Customer Engagement Centre in Canberra will allow for real-time collaboration between international teams and reduce the need for mock-ups, rework, or design changes.

Monash University recently identified gene-led changes in their two-year study into Huntington’s Disease using the CAVE2. Researchers compared brain scans from 80 subjects displayed on each of the CAVE2’s 80 panels to understand how the disease affects the brain’s ability to change.

The University of the Sunshine Coast uses the CAVE2 primarily as an education tool, showing students simulated versions of real-life locations, such as Bambui, Cameroon. 

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