CAVE Virtual Reality

The Original and Most Widely Installed Immersive Virtual Reality System in the World!

The Mechdyne CAVE™ virtual reality system is a room-sized, advanced visualization solution that combines high-resolution, stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics to create a complete sense of presence in a virtual environment. The CAVE allows multiple users to become fully immersed in the same virtual environment at the same time. The CAVE allows users to:

  • Analyze and interpret spatially-related data faster
  • Engage the "whole brain" for enhanced awareness retention
  • Intuitively navigate realistic, life-size environments for research or design
  • Focus on your data, not the technology, with a fully integrated display, software, computing, and support solution
Step Into the CAVE

Scalable Resolution to 100 Million Pixels or Higher

Standard CAVE virtual reality systems display approximately one million pixels per wall. Mechdyne can deliver up to 16 million pixels per wall using more than one projector per wall.

Four, Five, or Six Wall Surface Configurations Available

Mechdyne can design and integrate a CAVE immersive visualization system with four projected surfaces (three walls and floor); five surfaces, or fully enclosed six-surface configurations for complete virtual immersion.

Bring the Competitive Advantage to Your Organization

Quote about Cave from Andras Kemeny

In today's information-rich world, there are limitless uses for virtual environments.

  • Info-rich data analysis
  • Virtual environment simulation
  • Oil and gas discovery
  • Design engineering
  • Training
  • Architectural design
  • Large-scale collaboration
  • The applications are virtually limitless!

Case Studies

Renault's Vehicle Design in the Mechdyne CAVE

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