CAVE2: The Hybrid Work Environment

Mechdyne Executives in the CAVE2Imagine never having to collaborate using whiteboards and sticky notes in an uncomfortable room again. Mechdyne’s CAVE2 technology serves as both working environment and collaborative tool, providing the space and capabilities for project teams to accomplish any goal. Stretching eight feet tall and covering 530 square feet, the CAVE2 provides a 320-degree workspace that easily presents all kinds of data – from 3D simulations to 2D information. The CAVE2’s ability to present in “Hybrid” mode—allowing users to independently control both 2D and 3D within the space—truly makes this the next-generation, virtual reality technology solution.

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Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

The CAVE2 is the most advanced virtual reality, collaborative experience available today. No matter the industry, the CAVE2 allows for group analysis with problem-solving, modeling, and simulation applications. A large group of viewers can be inside the system for an unmatched 2D, 3D, or hybrid panoramic experience. The CAVE2’s high-resolution displays provide intuitive and collaborative interaction with a shared 320-degree field of view.

The CAVE2’s working space allows multiple teammates to comfortably interact with their data scaled to any size. Users can easily display any application, whether it be a spreadsheet or video conferencing window, with data capture and recording. Combined with surround sound and user tracking, groups easily switch between simulated tasks in VR and complex brainstorming sessions. The CAVE2 supports information-rich analysis with high color-fidelity and contrast that take collaboration sessions to a new level.

The CAVE2 Delivers Astounding ROI

In 2012, the University of Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory first imagined and created the CAVE2 to be a hybrid 2D/3D mixed media environment. As the only licensed integrator of the CAVE2, Mechdyne has provided the remaining five of six CAVE2’s worldwide. No matter if our clients are focusing on war room collaboration or learning in a classroom, they are seeing astounding return on investment:

Quote by Paul Bonnington
  • Raytheon’s Boston location achieved their second-year ROI goal within the first five months of CAVE2 operation and saw $1.5 million in cost savings. On the other side of the world, their brand-new Customer Engagement Centre in Canberra will allow for real-time collaboration between international teams and reduce the need for mock-ups, rework, or design changes.

  • Monash University recently identified gene-led changes in their two-year study into Huntington’s Disease using the CAVE2. Researchers compared brain scans from 80 subjects displayed on each of the CAVE2’s 80 panels to understand how the disease affects the brain’s ability to change.

  • The University of the Sunshine Coast uses the CAVE2 primarily as an education tool, showing students simulated versions of real-life locations, such as Bambui, Cameroon. 

  • A government facility examines potential threats, design challenges, and emergency situations. 

No matter your use case, the CAVE2 brings a whole new competitive advantage to your organization. Become a leader in your industry with today’s most revolutionary technology.

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* CAVE2™ is trademarked by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees

* 2012 images courtesy of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois at Chicago