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We specialize in complex visualization projects. When you choose Mechdyne, you choose our global technology experience, from Saudi Arabia and Australia to the United Kingdom and France. 

Effective solutions begin with you. We tailor our solutions to match up with your unique needs and goals, no matter where you are in the process. Our wealth of experience in design, installation, and integration gives you complete peace of mind in your solution. From initial planning, architectural design, upgrades, or renovations, our visualization consultants can help you achieve your vision at any stage of a project. 

We tailor each advanced technology solution to meet your specific requirements. As one of the world's first and most knowledgeable visualization providers, Mechdyne excels in:

•        Immersive Systems

•        Tiled Displays

•        Powerwalls

•        Collaboration Solutions

•        Portable Technology Solutions

•        Interaction Technologies

•        Video Conferencing

New technology has the best value when you can understand and leverage its benefits. No matter how high-end or advanced, technology solutions have the potential only actualized through application. Mechdyne's expertise and experience helps you to leverage your technology investment into the most productive, efficient tools possible.

CAVE2: The Next Generation in Hybrid Visualization Environments

Mechdyne Executives in the CAVE2Mechdyne is proud to be the only licensed integrator for the next-generation large-scale virtual reality environment—the CAVE2™. 

View our exclusive CAVE2 trailer.

CAVE2 combines the benefits of scalable-resolution display walls with a groundbreaking, second-generation virtual reality system. The result is a near-seamless, 320-degree, panoramic 2D/3D virtual environment that matches human visual acuity. This revolutionary system supports information-rich analysis with stunning immersive visuals and intuitive interaction tools with unique features that take virtual reality to a new level.


A CAVE2 system integrated by Mechdyne may be designed for active or passive stereo viewing and unlike the cube-like viewing area of a CAVE, the CAVE2 offers a groundbreaking cylindrical collaborative space that is truly the future of virtual reality.

Bring the Competitive Advantage to Your Organization

In today's information-rich world there are limitless uses for virtual environments, such as:

  • Info-rich data analysisQuote by Paul Bonnington
  • Virtual environment simulation
  • Oil and gas discovery
  • Design engineering
  • Training
  • Architectural design
  • Large-scale collaboration
  • The applications are virtually limitless!

CAVE2 Specifications

  • 320 degree, panoramic design
  • 60' X 8' display, for 480 square feet of viewing surface
  • 72 near-seamless passive stereo off-axis-optimized 3D LCD panels-can be scaled to fit your unique needs
  • Scalable high-performance computer cluster
  • 20.1 surround sound audio system
  • 10-camera optical tracking system-can be scaled to fit your unique interaction needs
  • Ultra high quality resolution of .029 inch per pixel
  • Horizontal visual acuity that matches 20/20 vision
  • Extended life of operation
  • Ultra shallow 4" depth

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* CAVE2™ is trademarked by the University of Illinois Board of Trustees

* 2012 images courtesy of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois at Chicago