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Davenport, IO

ARC system to increase ROI

  • Increased Client Engagement
  • Shortened Buying Cycle & Reduced Re-work
  • Increase Closed/Won Deals

Genesis Systems Group

Each new product design carries risk of mistake, which can result in extended product development time and cost, impacting an organization’s bottom line. For companies like Genesis Systems Group, a recognized leader in robotic systems integration, minimizing risk in robotic automation is paramount. Genesis had a goal to optimize their proof-of-design, streamline concept testing, and increase client involvement in the product design process, all while decreasing product development cost and creating trust in their customers.

 “Our goal is to have minimal design changes from concept to fabrication. With the 3DG, we are seeing that goal come to life.” – Justan Each, Virtual Solutions Manager

To reach this goal, Genesis partnered with Mechdyne to leverage high-end visualization, improving engineering and digital proof-of-concept to ensure their robotic systems designs meet client needs. Mechdyne and Genesis designed and integrated a Mechdyne ARCRM system to display their automation and robotic designs in virtual reality. Called the 3DG, the curved, four-by-four tiled mobile solution is used for internal design processes, collaboration, ergonomic testing, and creating a long-lasting positive impression with clients.

Mechdyne’s insight into technology innovations combined with our strong vendor partnerships enabled us to design the 3DG with the ideal components for Genesis’ workflows. Mechdyne’s ability to leverage the advances in high-quality graphics capabilities has allowed us to provide the most high-end technology solutions in both 2D and 3D.  Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we were able to utilize four K6000 graphics cards which allowed Genesis to take advantage of gaming graphic distributions to see their designs come to life.

The increased graphic output the NVIDIA K6000 provides Genesis with the ability to demonstrate their robotics systems to clients using simulation and virtual reality, and quickly became a critical part of Genesis’ product design success. “Our 3DG enables us to interact with our customers on a deeper level, and helps bring our simulations to life,” comments Genesis Virtual Solutions Engineer Travis Sample.

The 3DG has created a new customer experience at Genesis. When prospective or current clients visit Genesis Headquarters, they are introduced to the Genesis process or begin reviewing robotic designs on the 3DG. Once the initial “wow” factor wears off, customers dive deeper into their concepts, ask insightful questions, and make design requests before product development ever begins. As a result of the improved workflows within the 3DG and its effect on clientele, Genesis experienced a record for closing-sale day; the sales process was cut by two months, and they walked away with two robotic automation programs totaling over $10 million.

 “Our sales process was cut by two months, and we walked away with a record sales day, two robotic automation programs totaling over $10 million. That’s credited to the improved way we work together within Genesis.” – Andrea Peterson, Communications Manager

Furthermore, the 3DG maximizes the internal design process, enables ergonomic testing, increases collaboration, and creates a long-lasting positive impression with customers. Now, every team provides insight into creating an optimized product:

  • Mechanical engineers and designers make design recommendations and plan for production more easily
  • Technicians make recommendations for cable runs
  • Applications engineers have a better direction to begin programming requirements
  • Sales is more comfortable with engineers and designers directing conversations with clients during design reviews

By partnering with Mechdyne, Genesis was able to leverage our partnerships with innovative companies such as NVIDIA. Genesis’s 3DG solution provides clear and crisp graphics in a system that can be torn down and set up in a matter of hours.

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