Holmes Murphy

Des Moines, IA

Globally Connected Offices

  • Improve overall audio quality, especially for all-company meetings and remote participants
  • Integrate videoconferencing into everyday workflows
  • Reduce the IT team’s time spent supporting meeting spaces

Holmes Murphy


Holmes Murphy, with roots back to 1932, has seen tremendous changes in its provision of insurance and related services – not just in the products they offer but also in the way their people work. As they have expanded their operations across the United States, employees have dealt with multiple challenges in maintaining communication within their head office, national branches, and an increasing number of remote personnel. Providing effective connections was top of mind while planning a new headquarters facility.

The main goal of building a new 90,000-square-foot headquarters was to create spaces that would facilitate a collaborative culture and align with Holmes Murphy’s workflows. In the original offices, teams endured poor audio quality, lack of video conferencing capabilities and a constant need for IT support in their meeting spaces. As a result, they decided to include expert audiovisual (AV) consultation early in the design of the building, especially considering the scope of the project.


Holmes Murphy partnered with Mechdyne Corporation to find the best technology solution for their user’s workflows and needs, and also be suitable for the architecture of the building. With this new technology, teams collaborate seamlessly in virtual meetings across locations and engage in interactive training opportunities. As a result, Holmes Murphy locations are more connected than ever before, with less required IT support in these meeting spaces. The meeting rooms feature Mechdyne’s proprietary automation software that detects user activities in each room and manages the system power and source routing.

“We’re now in more of a seeking environment as a result of the new technology. The technology enables users to figure things out on their own rather than always asking for help with IT or information from other teams… When I came here, it was seamless. Everything is very intuitive.” – Kay Murphy, Learning & Development Business Partner, PC

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