Paris, France

CAVE and Powerwall

  • Create a VR environment that can deliver a highly detailed, ultra-realistic experience for designers and engineers.
  • Work within existing environmental, architectural, and budgetary constraints.



Renault, a French vehicle manufacturer, dedicates themselves to developing and implementing new technologies and designs into each of their cars. Always looking to the future, Renault designs and manufactures high quality, unique cars that remain stylish and comfortable while maintaining their utility. Renault had long wanted an immersive visualization system, but waited for just the right technology to come on the market, and to meet the right technology partner.


When that day finally came, Renault partnered with Mechdyne to develop an immersive CAVE system boasting the highest resolution ever realized in a virtual reality environment. Despite space limitations, Mechdyne designed a system that would allow an individual to virtually sit inside, interact with, and drive a vehicle, while others watched what the individual was experiencing on a separate screen. Initially created for interior ergonomic design, the CAVE has proven incredibly useful for departments throughout Renault in building a better vehicle.

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