Rowan University

Glassboro, NJ

10 Sided VR Solution

  • Collaborative meeting environment for internal & external teams
  • Flexible solutions
  • High-performance

Rowan University


Researchers at Rowan University’s South Jersey Technology Park aim to see and understand big data sets better than ever before. By creating an environment that fosters collaboration, the university and outside organizations work together to advance and make new discoveries. The technical park is a critical piece of Rowan’s strategy to attract and retain the nation’s top researchers and facility, students, and industry partners. These goals are made possible with advanced technology solutions.


Three elements outlined what a new solution would require: Rowan’s diverse user needs, collaboration between the different types of technology at the Technology Park, and Rowan’s goals. Keeping all this in mind, Mechdyne designed a system pushing the boundaries of visualization technology. The solution provides flexibility without sacrificing resolution or power. Rowan’s Multi-Screen Interactive Reality Apparatus allows researchers to view their current and legacy content at the best performance level possible. The solution combines the 2D/3D environment advantages of the CAVE2 into the space and budget of a traditional CAVE. Rowan’s researchers use the technology for engine test simulations, aerial vehicle design, cross section examinations, and a wide variety of other data.