Villanova University

Villanova, PA

Double-Wide CAVE with the flexibility of a T-Flex

  • Ability to interact with dynamic imagery from locations around the world in a single immersive environment


Villanova University envisioned a collection of dynamic imagery from locations around the world brought to viewing life in a single, immersive environment. Not only would the university use such an environment for scientific and cultural research, but also as a classroom and for public demonstrations and events. Diverse topics could be researched as well, from how enzymes carry out chemical reactions to an individual’s reaction to different visual stimuli.


To meet and exceed Villanova’s vision, Mechdyne had to think outside the box and developed a specially designed Double-Wide T-CAVE. As wide as two traditional CAVEs and with the T-FLEX ability to shift from floor to ceiling projection, users can visualize exactly what Villanova wanted: a real environment in real-time. Villanova’s six-lens robotic 360-camera achieves a frame rate of 15 fps at 1600 x 1200 resolution that is being used with the CAVE. The camera has the unique capability of immersive video, allowing participants to see a 360-degree horizontal world by rotating the virtual world. The first video environments recorded are the battlefield of Gettysburg and Independence Hall.