Extended Reality

The Meaning of XR

It’s a means to expand your knowledge – and a catalyst to widen your lead in the marketplace. An umbrella term for immersive, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR) enables us to interact with information in new ways to gain new insights and understanding.

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Immersive Reality - The Entry Level XR Solution
  • Environments typically present three-dimensional images but use two-dimensional display systems
  • Rely on large and/or wrap-around screens to create the immersive feel
  • Can include multi-channel ‘immersive’ audio to add to the effect
  • Enable multiple people to share the immersive experience simultaneously, due to the large screen
  • Does NOT usually include images on the floor that provide a sense of place in the computer-generated environment
  • Use basic navigation and interaction techniques like a keyboard and/or a desk or wand-like mouse
Immersive Reality Solutions
Immersive VR - Take Immersive Imagery to the Next Level
  • Users are more completely immersed in and interact with computer-generated images
  • 3D images are stereoscopic, presented with left and right eye perspectives to create a sense of depth one would have in the real world
  • Virtual reality displays range from headsets to large-scale virtual walls to fully immersive CAVE systems that can be basic or custom configured
  • VR provides a unique level of visualization, but challenges related to participant movement with head-mounted displays can overwhelm or disorient users, especially in longer sessions
Immersive Virtual Reality Solutions
Augmented Reality - Overlays Computer Generated Images onto the World Around You
  • Images are viewable on a head-mounted holographic device or your smartphone or tablet
  • Some augmented images are projected, in a large scale, onto objects and spaces
  • Augmented images don’t replace what’s in your field of view, they add to it
  • Because users remain in a real-world environment, AR is less apt to cause disorientation in participants and is thus appropriate for longer periods of use
Augmented & Mixed Reality Solutions
Mixed Reality - Merges the Physical & Digital Worlds to Provide New Environments or Visualizations
  • Users experience instinctual, organic-feeling interactions with digital technology, but in a virtual world
  • By contrast, augmented reality takes place in the physical world, with information or objects added virtually as an overlay
  • Cameras, sensors, and AI-enhanced technology process data about a space and use that information to create digitally enhanced experiences
  • Use cases range from education and professional training to entertainment, military training, remote working, functional mockups, healthcare procedures, research, and much more.
Augmented & Mixed Reality Solutions
Extend Your Reality With Immersive Environments.

Taking advantage of our hardware and software expertise, clients around the globe engage Mechdyne to design, build and support XR environments in applications ranging from research and training to arts and entertainment. Let us know how we can help you get started with immersive solutions today.