KAUST Mission Critical Control Room

Here “decision time”

is all the time.

Whether a large-scale emergency-response center or a centralized facilities management environment on a corporate or college campus, a command and control center has one principal function: to enable informed decision-making, based on real-time data from disparate sources. Drawing on decades of experience delivering control room solutions, Mechdyne employs the latest AV, immersive, and VR technology to make information clearer, more accessible – more actionable – than ever before.

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Iowa State Control Room

Monitor. Manage. Act.

Consistent functionality is essential in command and control centers, and Mechdyne maximizes utility with expert design and integration backed by 24-hour on-site and remote technical support. Our process reflects an engineering approach that takes into account the unique nature of each mission-critical installation. This involves gaining a deep understanding of the role of the operator, workflows, and technical requirements. At every step of the way, our decisions advance reliability, flexibility, and scalability to extend the product lifecycle, maximize ROI and lower the total cost of ownership while maintaining cutting-edge capabilities equal to the task of processing the ever-increasing amount of incoming data.


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Virtual Reality Control Room

VR Control Rooms: The Future Is Now

Our capability to absorb and act on data simply hasn’t kept up with the massive increase in data we generate – until now. For decades, the evolution of command-and-control environments was hindered by limitations in our control room environments, technology, and our own brains. But with the advent of immersive and virtual reality technology, information can be organized, visualized, and delivered in ways unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Mechdyne draws on unparalleled expertise in data visualization to create new-generation control room environments where relevant data is just a gesture away. Here information can be presented three-dimensionally – the way our brains have evolved to process it. Capacity constraints disappear. Remote decision makers can collaborate in real time with on-site staff. We can even create virtual and mobile command centers that bring you into the very center of the action, enabling informed decision-making on a whole new scale.

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