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Enabling Multiple Viewpoints

Individual Perspectives for 3 - 6 Viewers

MultiView Immersive Solutions are large-scale virtual reality (VR) environments providing multiple viewers with their own, accurate head tracked perspective for better collaboration and improved decision making. MultiView capabilities can be added to CAVE, PowerWall, and customized configurations bringing even greater value to these VR environments. Imagine performing design reviews on a new product; each team member standing around a virtual prototype and simply pointing so others immediately see the location from their perspective.

Based on next-generation projector technology from Digital Projection (DP), now as many as six people can more naturally share highly realistic, interactive VR simulations, wearing lightweight 3D shutter glasses. MultiView immersive environments provide transformational awareness for organizations that need to optimize designs, unlock insights, speed products to market, and inform decision makers. With multiple viewer capability, they can vastly improve collaboration and workflow.

The INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 projector from Digital Projection breaks down the barriers of immersive 3D experiences. It features three independent views and the ability to collaborate with others as a remote video avatar.

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