Don't Let Visualization Systems Go Underutilized, Maximize ROI from Your Investment.


Alliance Manchester Business School Digital Visualization ObservatoryVisualization systems can deliver incredible return on investment for many organizations. They improve agile design processes, enable dynamic collaboration, showcase innovations, and improve decision-making. Yet for all the insights immersive visualization systems provide, some systems are under-utilized. Others become idle long before the end of their useful life.

Why would a company invest in advanced audio visual (AV) technology only to let it collect dust? This can happen for a variety of reasons:

Why Visualization Systems Go Unused

1. The system champion leaves the company. Often an organization’s investment in a particular visualization technology is driven by a key individual. Should that person leave, the remaining team members may not have a full understanding of the system’s intended purpose or the extent of its capabilities. Or maybe they lack the necessary skills to fully utilize the technology.

2. The system no longer operates as it once did – or has never operated as intended. A few things might be at play here. The technology may have a learning curve that users never pushed past. Or perhaps the system simply needs a “tune–up” – a relatively simple recalibration as part of standard upkeep. In both cases, what seems like a formidable obstacle can be remedied easily by an individual or entity with the necessary expertise.

3. Content is the culprit.  The visualization system may work well, but the organization lacks content or is challenged to get content to display properly. Consider video gaming; you can buy the latest console, but the user experience will only be as good as the games themselves. Similarly, the best system hardware can’t deliver great ROI on its own. Great content and visuals are essential to maximize engagement and utilization.

4. Change in vision. This can happen at the local level, or at a more encompassing enterprise level. The investment may have been made in pursuit of a very specific objective, and if company priorities shift, the visualization technology may be mothballed.

5. Inadequate budgeting. A company may try to save money by stinting on post-installation service or support, only to discover that its team lacks the requisite skills to get full value from the investment. (Read more about the importance of post-installation AV services).

Getting the Most Out of Your Visualization System

Maximizing ROI on Extended Reality SolutionsIf you find yourself relating to the system issues listed above, you’re not alone. The good news is there are options to get your system back on track.

Partnering with an AV integrator that specializes in high-end visualization systems and content development is the first step. They can assess your current technology challenges and provide the service and/or content needed to take advantage of the system’s full capabilities.

Mechdyne’s AV Professional Services and Content Development teams provide this kind of consultation all the time. We focus first on the original use and intent, combined with the organization’s current goals and strategic objectives. We also look at how workflows may have changed over time, and how they’re evolving.

Drawing on our experiences advising, creating, and maintaining immersive visualization systems, we can help identify ways to adapt or refocus your existing system to meet your objectives. We can also work with you to explore how your system’s capabilities might be applied to needs across the organization – applications you may not have ever considered.

Just as important, we can be an invaluable resource for content development or translation. This is an area of expertise where Mechdyne has done pioneering work. Many clients come to us with robust 2D or monoscopic 3D data that we’re able to help translate into stereoscopic 3D data, often with virtual reality capabilities.

Visualization systems are designed to advance understanding and enable discovery. We can help ensure you never lose sight of how to take advantage of them.

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