Business and Operational Goals
  • Multiple research and analysis applications
  • WOW factor for customer briefings
  • A high resolution, immersive experience
  • Easy for any user to start and work in
  • Budgetary considerations in fiscal year
  • A 15 year operational life for extended ROI

Immersive Virtual Reality Bench Enables Research, Data Analytics, and Client Briefings at National Utility Company


The utility needed a way to review geographical data, often 3D maps or models, in context with reams of traditional 2D linear data. This would allow visualization power utilization over time and across regions for proactive upgrade and maintenance planning. Spatial geographic data could also enable issue troubleshooting. The space needed to be large enough for 5 or 6 to collaborate on data challenges. Finally, the experience needed to be impressive for high-level client and government stakeholder presentations.


Space and budget were balanced by using low-profile LED wall panels for 2D data and 3D/VR. Geographic data is displayed on a floor by less costly 3D projectors. Virtual reality experiences, enabled by Mechdyne’s getReal3D for Unity, blend seamlessly across the two screens, with user motion tracking adding interactive realism. A well-planned control interface simplifies startup and access to data by any user.

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