AV & IT Consulting & Design Solutions

When audiovisual and information technology (AV/IT) integration is not a core competency, organizations trust Mechdyne to transform their technology vision into a productive solution. Our clients recognize that maximizing the potential of their audiovisual and information technology takes expertise in audio design, AV/IT convergence, software development, installation and integration, advanced visualization techniques, and technology support considerations.

Partnering with Mechdyne’s cross-functional team of experts gives our clients solid, data-driven intelligence to make technology decisions that improve the financial performance and productivity of their organization. Our services help clients leverage AV/IT technology investments into the most productive, efficient collaboration tools possible by:

  • Performing a comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ goals, needs, and desired outcomes to guide technology recommendations and design
  • AV standard deployment design and implementation strategy
  • Expert evaluation of current technology for upgrade and innovation potential
  • Managing projects as our client’s single point of contact through a project’s lifecycle, including technology design, installation, integration, and continuous support, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendor partnerships
  • Technology alignment and workflow analysis consulting to uncover inefficiencies and resolve productivity issues in equipment performance and technology adoption
  • Targeted strategies to increase utilization and user satisfaction
  • Technology roadmapping and future planning
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) program design and reporting strategies based around user empowerment and confidence and technology success

Mechdyne's Area of Expertise

Hands down, Mechdyne leads the marketplace in the space where audiovisual and information technology collides. Often referred to as AV/IT convergence, Mechdyne leverages efficiencies in IT networks to get more out of AV technologies. As the two technology disciplines evolve closer together, gaining efficiencies requires expertise in both areas. Because all hardware, software, networks, and facilities are part of a single infrastructure, Mechdyne consulting teams include diverse areas of expertise that work together towards a single client goal. Our 20 years of experience proves that one area of expertise rarely provides a truly optimized solution. The best results are achieved when the disciplines converge.

Best Practice and Knowledge Transfer

Why Organizations Choose Mechdyne as their AV/IT Consultant

Our clients reap the benefits of our global audiovisual and information technology experiences. Mechdyne has provided consulting services, design-build-support project execution, installation and integration, and technical support services to hundreds of organizations around the globe. Each experience resulted in a strong collaborative relationship where the Mechdyne team relentlessly works for the client’s success. The lessons we learned along the way transfer directly into our ongoing and new client relationships. We are continually cataloging, training, and testing best practices for consultation, design, integration, and support into client organizations. Our teams are empowered to coach and recommend new approaches with the goal of advancing our client’s goals. We proactively apply our expertise to increase our client’s success.

AV/IT Expertise Beyond the Basics

For organizations that have an unusual application requiring the right expert, the solution can be found at Mechdyne. We have a reputation for doing “the really hard stuff” better than anyone else. Mechdyne provides niche consulting to support organizations with the most specific use case. We tailor all our recommendations to your goals:

  • High-end audio system design creating a specific customer experience
  • Navigation and execution of projects in the most diverse climates and cultures in six of the seven world’s continents
  • On-site and remote service deployment strategies to reach locations ranging from the deserts of the Middle East to the deep-water oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Technology innovation and software development that enables the most challenging of visions

Outside Perspective on Technical Issues

Your AV/IT technology investment impacts stakeholders across the organization. To bring these diverse groups together to serve a common goal, our clients engage Mechdyne consulting teams to provide unbiased technology evaluation, capital budgeting, and deployment strategies. We present results in a data-driven report that addresses both the technology plan and workflows, which provides a foundation to work together and advance company goals, such as:

  • Technology standardization and deployment strategies across a global enterprise
  • Evaluation of new building AV/IT technology plans
  • Workflow and technology assessment and alignment strategies