Extending Reality. Expanding ROI.

From the simplest AR applications to cutting-edge VR environments, Mechdyne approaches each project with a single overriding objective: to maximize our client’s return on investment. Industry-leading client satisfaction demonstrates our success in this regard. Keep reading to see how we do it.

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Mechdyne's In-Depth Discovery Process

The Industry’s Most In-Depth Discovery Process.

For us, the “why” comes before the “how.” We never begin a design until we’ve achieved a clear understanding of what our clients expect as a return on their investment. In-depth consultation with users and stakeholders enables Mechdyne to tailor solutions to specific use cases – from reducing prototyping costs to speeding time to market to designing more efficient factory floors.

By taking the time to map out all workflows, we’re often able to develop systems that accommodate multiple use cases. Increasing utilization adds value right out of the gate by maximizing system effectiveness and incorporating flexibility for the future. Moreover, we draw on 25 years of experience assisting with goal and success metrics to ensure that our virtual technologies deliver real-world benefits.

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Leveraging Proven Technology & Innovative Software

Command of Hardware

Drawing on over twenty-five years of leading-edge experience with the latest technologies, Mechdyne excels at leveraging proven technology to achieve unprecedented ROI. We know what works. We know what endures. And we know which manufacturers are committed to technological progress that does rely on planned obsolescence. Just as important, Mechdyne stands apart in our ability to design immersive solutions that are compatible with our client’s existing visualization and broader technology infrastructure.

Software Leadership

No company has a greater command of the software that powers virtual, immersive, or augmented reality. Along with our deep knowledge of the most common VR engines, such as Unity and Unreal software, we are industry-leading developers in our own right, having created proprietary middleware such as getReal3D for Unity, which optimizes the use of Unity in large, advanced VR systems like CAVEs, and is scalable across a wide range of display and computing topologies. We understand the intricacies of making all the components of an advanced visualization system work together, and our ability to apply that expertise to our own and other software solutions demonstrates our breadth of knowledge and flexibility.

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Managed Audio Visual Services

Excellence in Service & Maintenance

Mechdyne is a single point of contact for all our XR solutions, providing service, full 24/7 remote support, support from system manufacturers, and more than a quarter century of expertise from our support teams. In an industry where most solutions providers max out their support with a 90-day warranty, charging for any repairs or visits needed to maintain a high level of performance, we do it differently, with a zero-change order policy on systems installed to agreed client specifications.

Count on Mechdyne for proactive, expert technical support services to lengthen a system’s performance and reliability for as long as it will continue to meet the set objectives. And when an upgrade is requested, as this has been, Mechdyne will provide a system that will last long into the future and provide extended, satisfactory performance.

Audio Visual Services
Maximize ROI in Your Immersive Environments.

Taking advantage of our hardware and software expertise, clients around the globe engage Mechdyne to design, build and support XR environments in applications ranging from research and training to arts and entertainment. Let us know how we can help you get started with immersive solutions today.