5W’s of Mechdyne Mission Critical Control Rooms

In this article, Mechdyne’s new Business Development Manager for Mission Critical Control Rooms answers five core questions to relate his extensive experience to Mechdyne’s capabilities to deliver high-quality solutions for these demanding applications.

Who is David Jones?

My career in the professional audio visual industry started in 1986 in Southern California when I joined American Video Communications.  American Video Communications was owned by Larry Pell and he was one of the most innovative and forward-thinking business owners in the industry and staffed his company with a very dedicated group of employees at all levels and disciplines.  These were the early days of creating a “system” designed to put what you were looking at on your tiny CRT computer monitor onto a large screen using a video projector of one sort or another so that others could also see your work.  We sold systems that were used in board rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, and, on rare occasions, an “operations center”.  In 1990 I began selling large-screen “high resolution” video display systems exclusively into the mission critical control room market.  Over the past 30 years in the mission critical control room industry I’ve seen that a lot of “things” have changed but I’ve also seen just as many if not more “things” have stayed the same.

Who is Mechdyne?

A leading, world-class technology partner that uses only well trained Mechdyne teammates to execute projects for our clients. Our objective is to maintain the highest levels of quality control during every step of the delivery process. Disciplined processes and exceptional project management ensure even the most demanding projects are delivered on schedule and on-budget, locally and globally.   AV (Audio Visual) and VR (Virtual Reality) Solutions is only one of the business units within Mechdyne Corporation and other Mechdyne business units provide comprehensive, customized solutions that also include IT and Software services to our clients.


What is Mechdyne’s history and capabilities to deliver complex solutions?

The origins of Mechdyne’s AV and VR business unit began in 1996. Mechdyne started as specialists helping to solve the world’s most complex research and development challenges with advanced virtual reality (VR) solutions. Today this group applies its innovative expertise to exacting and ambitious audio-visual systems of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines as well.  While our experience with displays, software, computing, and networks enables this team to develop and deliver turnkey solutions at any scale, we excel at the audacious.  We have provided multiple world-first systems for large-scale VR and advanced AV and continue to lead the way with innovative solutions every day.

Mechdyne focusses on use cases, workflows, and client objectives first and we strive to deliver solutions that meet the needs and solve our clients’ challenges. Our focus on end-users elevates technology utilization rates and ensures high returns on technology investments. We maintain vendor neutrality, allowing us access to the technologies necessary to provide the right solution, not those that will financially benefit us the most.


Mechdyne has designed and delivered control room solutions on and off for decades. In 2001, they created the first AV/IT integration for Petrolera Ameriven, connecting a Houston based team to a drill control center in Argentina, via satellite, in real time. Mechdyne has always been able to solve big challenges, which is why partners call on us when our skills are most needed. Given today’s rapid changes in technology and new immersive capabilities on the horizon, Mechdyne is being sought out to apply experience with advanced technologies and complex systems to mission critical applications.


Where is Mission Critical heading?

As I mentioned earlier, the mission critical control room market has changed over the last 30 years or so. Most of the change that I’ve noticed has been with the electronic technology being used to create the control room environment – analog to digital, higher resolutions, larger display sizes, and types, and so on.  What hasn’t changed is the thought patterns used to create the control room environment and the lack of reliance upon modern scientific technique – system engineering, human factors, ergonomics, human-machine interface, audits, and gap analysis – to create a modern mission critical control room.

Mechdyne Mission Critical will bring the scientific skills developed over the past 25 years by our AV and VR teams to the mission critical control room market place.  We will approach each and every control room project as an opportunity to create a system for our client which is practical, affordable, and scalable.  Our system designs will fit the exact needs of our clients and not use the “cut and paste” and “one size fits all” approach which is currently being offered on a regular basis  to the end-user community.


Right now! Mechdyne Mission Critical was created to bring these business methods, techniques, and philosophies, honed to perfection over the last 25 years, to the mission critical control room end-user community.

We are using our 25 years of experience in the AV and VR market to work towards creating the mission critical control room of the future which will utilize true AR and VR technology.  If there is anyone “out there” interested in learning more about that effort or partnering with us as we move forward, send me an email at David.jones@mechdyne.com and let me know your interest.

It is exciting times here at Mechdyne as we re-emphasize our pursuit of the modern mission critical control room market and I am very happy to be a part of Mechdyne Mission Critical pursuit team.

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