Create a Flexible Collaboration Work Space

Unlike standard video walls, Mechdyne’s ARC enables the sharing of immersive virtual reality (VR) images and standard office applications. For manufacturing; imagine designing equipment in VR, planning the factory layout for that equipment, and hosting important sales presentations all on one display.  For research applications; investigate, analyze, collaborate, and impress partners with one display.  The slight screen curvature creates an immersive view for VR experiences and an impressive format for data presentation. Accommodating multiple use cases increases system utilization rates, which increase the rate of return on ARC technology investment

ARC and Meeting Canvas Video

Enabling Team Collaboration

Big Detailed Images in
a Small Space

A basic ARC is a 4 row x 4 column flat panel array
presenting highly detailed images. This is also a
scalable VR video wall with columns added in multiples
of two. In 2D mode, the ARC’s 16x HD resolution
accommodates multiple open windows of information,
each displaying fine details. In 3D mode, the ARC
becomes a near-seamless, immersive VR space that
supports information-rich analysis. Wide enough to
comfortably allow 6-8 people to collaborate, the ARC
is ideal for problem-solving, modeling, simulation,
and big data analysis applications across all fields.
For VR, users wear lightweight movie-style 3D glasses.

  • Inspired by the larger, 18 column CAVE2 workspace, an ARC solution is not limited to the basic 4 column format. The ARC scales horizontally for 6, 8 10, or more columns. Start with as many as your workflow requires. More columns can be added over time.
Small space Requirement:
  • Flat panels do not require much room. Even with columns added, the ARC is a perfect solution for a smaller room because of the curvature and shallow depth. There is still a lot of user collaboration space in front of the screen
Optional Portability:
  • The ARC enables sensational demonstrations at trade events. The screens, structure, and other components are easily torn down and packed in appropriate shipping containers. Confidently set it up again in a matter of hours.

ARC Specifications

  • Standard – 4×4 configuration at approximately 9-feet tall and 15 ½’ feet wide.
  • 6 near-seamless HD and 3D capable LCD panels at 7680×4320 total resolution
  • 2.1 high-end audio system
  • Graphics computing system specified to your data requirements
  • Passive stereoscopic 3D capable for lightweight glasses
  • Optional motion tracking system for navigation in and interaction with VR environments
  • Optional Mechdyne getReal3D for Unity software, enabling Unity models to display in this large interactive format.
  • Optional Mechdyne Meeting Canvas collaboration software for management and display of multiple image sources including handheld devices

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