Create a Flexible Collaboration Work Space

Unlike standard video walls, Mechdyne’s ARC solutions enable the sharing of immersive 3D virtual reality (VR) images in addition to standard 2D office applications. For product development; imagine designing and reviewing complex products in VR, planning the factory layout for manufacturing, and hosting important sales presentations all on one display.  For research applications; investigate, analyze, collaborate, and impress stakeholders with one display.  The slight screen curvature creates an immersive view for VR experiences and an impressive format for data presentation. Accommodating multiple use cases increases system utilization rates, which increase the rate of return on investment.

Example: ARC and Meeting Canvas Video

Enabling Team Collaboration

Big Detailed Images in
a Small Space

ARC immersive solutions present highly detailed images using
multiple display elements. We will discuss your use cases, goals,
and more; then make a recommendation for the technology.
We have expertise with scalable 3D LED technology and
3D projection. If we determine the best solution only needs
2D displays, we can also configure arrays of 2D flat panels.
 A large screen ARC display can accommodate multiple
windows of information, each displaying fine details.
Or, experience one massive image.
In 3D mode, the ARC becomes a near-seamless, immersive
VR space that supports information-rich analysis.
Large enough to comfortably allow large work teams to collaborate,
an ARC is ideal for problem-solving, modeling, simulation,
and big data analysis applications across all fields.

ARC solutions are scalable several ways to suit your requirements
- Display resolution
- Horizontal and vertical size
- Screen curvature

The ARC sparks innovative collaboration
for our clients to meet their goals.

  • Inspired by the larger CAVE2 workspace, an ARC solution is not limited to standard size or display resolution. We can custom design a system for your workflow. Depending on the technology, an ARC could scale larger as requirements change.
Small space Requirement:
  • The days of huge projection spaces to create big screens are gone. An ARC delivers a big screen, immersive experience in a small space footprint. There is still a lot of room for collaboration and decision making.
2D and 3D Capability:
  • Truly immersive viewing and new insights happen when stereoscopic 3D images can be shared. We have the expertise in 3D display technology, graphics computing, interaction technology, and software necessary to change the way your teams work to accelerate development, make new discoveries, and more.

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