The ARC™ - Virtual Reality Capable Video Wall

Unlike standard video walls, Mechdyne's ARC enables the sharing of immersive virtual reality (VR) images and standard office applications.

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CAVE Virtual Reality

The Mechdyne CAVE™ virtual reality (VR) system is a room-sized, immersive working environment that combines stereoscopic displays,  computer graphics, and motion-tracking technology to create a full-body sense of presence in a virtual environment.

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CAVE2™ Collaboration Work Space

The ultimate design, planning, collaboration, presentation, and decision-making space for complex and long-term projects.

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Multiview Virtual Reality

MultiView Immersive Solutions are large-scale virtual reality (VR) environments providing multiple viewers with their own, accurate head tracked perspective for better collaboration and improved decision making.

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HMD Collaboration

HMDs will be used for detailed tasks and collaboration, there are variables in the technology that may need to be considered to ensure goals for the technology will be met.