If your office is quieting down with talk about the big game over the weekend, it’s time to start talking about the ads that got you the most inspired and excited. For us at Mechdyne, we were very excited to see Raytheon’s ad during the pre-game about “Making the World a Safer Place.” Showcasing the most innovative of technologies within their offices and laboratories, Raytheon’s ad included images of touch screen interactions, VR headsets, and motion tracking, and the CAVE2 – one of the most impressive immersive visualization spaces in the world.

Raytheon’s advanced technology stops threats in outer space, cyberspace, and remote battlefields. We are excited and proud that our partner utilizes our solutions to create the most trusted and reliable products available in the defense industry. In case you missed the ad, check it out on Youtube. Our favorite part is at 55 seconds.


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