Top 3 Tips to Support Leadership Changes in the IT Industry

In the course of building long-term relationships as a help desk support provider, we’ve experienced our fair share of leadership changes with our clients. New leadership roles can come with a substantial learning curve, impacting employees from everyday users to senior management. Whether there is a new CIO or IT manager, we see those changes as an opportunity to educate our clients and help them manage their new responsibilities. As a result, our clients experience a smoother transition, shorter learning curve, and a clearer strategic direction. There are three key ways we support this change in client IT management.

1. Train new CIOs on current help desk processes

  •    Daily functionality
  •    Help desk workflows
  •    Tools and support activity
  •    Measurable results and comprehensive data analytics

Through this executive-level training process, we demonstrate that we are not merely a passive help desk. Our role as a valued partner is to help clients leverage their technology investment, evaluate support options, and recognize industry trends with ROI potential.

2. Ask the new CIO their plans

Different executives have different strategic visions for the company. When a change in leadership occurs, there will inevitably be differences between the previous and new CIO’s strategies. Therefore, it’s critical that we understand their overall goals, strategies, and ultimately how they define a successful partnership.

New CIOs may consider leaning more heavily on the help desk, redeploying internal IT staff to higher valued activities, or bringing all IT support functions in-house. Our goal is to be open, understanding, and proactive in aligning our goals. Even cautious CIOs who may be considering moving away from our services find value in knowing we care about their plans. No matter what their intentions, we aim to understand what the CIO is trying to achieve, and most importantly—why. By understanding their strategic vision, we can uncover the optimum way of accomplishing them together. Our job is not to functions, but to be true partners and help achieve company success.

3. Be a forward-thinking resource

When we understand the CIO’s plans for the future, we can more easily facilitate making them a reality. We check for alignment and ensure we are on the same path to success as our clients. Our flexibility allows us to adjust processes and support offerings based on where we stand currently and provide a roadmap for where we’re headed. Due to the evolution of technology and the IT support industry, we may uncover previously unexplored solutions with untapped potential. Our experience and expertise in the IT industry give us insight into future challenges we can overcome. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide excellent service to the end users and the management team.

Ultimately, ABS’s strategy is to serve a greater role than simple help desk support. We aim to act as a partner for our clients, serving them above and beyond during times of change. If your organization is experiencing changes in IT and is looking for the optimal way to achieve your goals, contact us today.

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