Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference 2020

Mechdyne’s co-founder, Kurt Hoffmeister, delivered a keynote address on 3D experiences at the 31st annual SD&A conference.

Many 3D experiences, such as movies, are designed for a single viewer perspective. Unfortunately, this means that all viewers must share that one perspective view. Any viewer positioned away from the design eyepoint will see a skewed perspective and less comfortable stereoscopic viewing experience. For the many situations where multiple perspectives would be desired, we ideally want perspective viewpoints unique to each viewer’s position and head orientation.

Today there are several possible multiviewer solutions available including personal Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), multiple overlapped projection displays, and high frame rate projection. Each type of solution and application unfortunately has its own pros and cons such that there is no one ideal solution.

This presentation will discuss the need for multiviewer solutions as a key challenge for stereoscopic displays and multiple participant applications, it will review some historical approaches, the challenges of technologies used and their implementation, and finally some current solutions readily available.

As we all live and work in a collaborative world it is only natural our Virtual Reality and data visualization experiences should account for multiple viewers. For collocated participants there are several available solutions now that have built on years of previous development, some of these solutions can also accommodate remote participants.

The intent of this presentation is an enlightened look at multiple viewer stereoscopic display solutions.

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