The University of Waterloo uses high-res, touch display to analyze patient data

Marshalltown, IA – University of Waterloo Assistant Professor and Games Institute faculty member Dr. Jim Wallace, is hoping to change the way doctors analyze patient data by using a high-resolution, touch display from Mechdyne Corporation. Professor Wallace and his graduate students are currently researching how people can better interact with and analyze data at the University of Waterloo’s Interactive Data Exploration and Analysis Lab (IDEA Lab). The goal is to have doctors stand in front of this touch display and be able to access all patient data available.

Before the solution for a touch display, the IDEA Lab at the Games Institute had single high-resolution panels, none of which were touch-enabled. Implementing the high-resolution touch display will allow for research into how doctors can sift through layers of patient information through touching icons, menus, etc., including taking a closer look at x-rays and pictures in Ultra-High Definition (4K). Alongside accessing patient information, user fatigue research will be conducted, one of which is Gorilla Arm. This research will show how many times someone can touch the screen before getting fatigued and then developing a solution to reduce that fatigue.

Another part of the solution that was provided is TGX, Mechdyne’s remote desktop solution. TGX provides the best remote desktop experience, allowing users to visualize their most intensive graphics applications in 4K resolutions or higher. Using TGX, Professor Wallace and the graduate students will be able to access the display remotely and potentially have hospital administrators participate in research sessions remotely.

All of the research gathered will be published at HCI conferences such as the ACM Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces and the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

About the University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is Canada’s top innovation university. With more than 36,000 students, we are home to the world’s largest co-operative education system of its kind. Our unmatched entrepreneurial culture, combined with an intensive focus on research, powers one of the top innovation hubs in the world.

About the Games Institute

The Games Institute on any given day is a hub of activity where games researchers engage in discussions about games, game technologies, game interactions, game narratives, game studies, purposeful games, and gamification. From its inception, the Games Institute was designed to be a truly interdisciplinary setting, and here you’ll find professors, PhD students, Masters students, and post-doctoral fellows from English, Computer Science, Psychology, Engineering, Sociology, and more.

About Mechdyne Corporation

Mechdyne Corporation is a broad-based technology partner specializing in audiovisual and information technologies (AV/IT), visualization and software solutions, immersive virtual reality technologies, and technical support services. We address complex projects where an in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of customized solutions involving elements of display, graphics computing, software, and professional services.

Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne serves a global client base that includes leading government laboratories, university and research centers, energy, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical organizations, as well as any other user of advanced technology.

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